FO: Kangarullover

I took my screening exams and should know my results soon and took a little time to just decompress before I get right back into prep for school. But while I stepped away I was able to finish another piece I’d had hibernating for two years. In January 2018 I started my Kangarullover, another Stephen West pattern, after meeting him and seeing it in person at my local yarn shop. I knew as soon as I saw the shop sample I was going to make it, I just didn’t know it would take me two years to finish it.


I started it in January, pulling out lots of green yarn. Stephen suggested being mindful of the yarn I chose so it didn’t weigh down the piece. Throughout this piece I held a strand of Crystal Palace yarns Panda Pearl bamboo yarn that I bought a ton of when they decided to stop producing yarn (you might remember some from this cardigan). It’s a lovely bamboo, silk and wool blend that has this sheen to it that I loved, so I used that as the constant throughout. Then I pulled together some skeins of Miss Babs Yowza in Shaken Not Stirred (the white and bright green speckled yarn) and Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Worsted in Edgewood (the darker green and navy). The sleeves were the main color held double and then the sides and piping were all of my leftovers of another discontinued favorite, Patons Metallic yarn. The side panel is blue and black held together and the pockets and hem are trimmed in the bright green. The interior pocket was a skein of leftover Berroco Vintage Chunky I had in my stash that was the same shade of green. This is the perfect kind of project to use up lots of scraps and have fun with color.


As with so many West Knits patterns I’ve made, I didn’t swatch. I cast on for a small knowing it would grow a little bit hoping for a tunic length and actually ended up more with a dress length. Either way I’m happy. It is super cozy and not overwhelming warm, thanks to the bamboo blend, and I’m pretty sure this is what I’ll be wearing all winter while we are still inside because of COVID-19 (yup, still staying indoors for the most part).


I love the deep pockets (yup, Jellybean can fit inside but her nails would snag the yarn) and I’m glad I picked it back up. I stashed it away in the summer of 2018 when it got to be a bit much to deal with and I just never picked it back up. I was talking to a knitting friend and she showed me an old green sweater that she had as a WIP for years and it made me want to pull it out. I realized it was 70% finished, I just needed to finish the back, add the pocket and the sides. It only took a few days to knock it out, but it wasn’t meant for me to finish it until now. It’s okay to put things aside and revisit them or even frog old projects. It’s okay if a project takes forever, it isn’t a race. I know I can knit quickly but sometimes I start a million things at once and a few get pushed lower and lower down the line. I’ve got a couple of WIPs I want to pull out this year and finish. They don’t have much left, maybe they need sleeves or for me to finish the body, or maybe I need to just frog one of them, but either way they’ll get some resolution eventually.


One of the positives of being home so much is that when I do feel like knitting I get a lot done. I’m hoping as I get myself back into the routine of teaching and grad school I’ll get back to my therapeutic knitting and knock a few projects out. My queue is forever a mile long but that’s what keeps it fun. There’s always something new to make!

33 Replies to “FO: Kangarullover”

  1. It looks so great! I love the colors you chose. And yes, I totally understand the feeling of letting something sit for a long time and then picking it up again – it makes it all the sweeter when you finish it!

  2. Looks amazing! I love your words, “It’s ok if a project takes forever.” That’s true. I have found that family needs or work might interfere with finishing a project and I’m ok with that.

  3. I love the dress length, and it looks very cosy. As always your colour combinations are beautiful. Some projects take a little time and I used to have alot of unfinished knits, or else ones that I gave away because they were too small or too big. I’m learning to be patient and undo if it’s not right, and it paid off in the Cardigan I’ve just finished. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is gorgeous.. the design, the color, the wearer!

  4. You have a gift for choosing colors. It’s beautiful!

  5. Dana, what a wonderful sweater – you glow in it. I may look at trying to make this one.

  6. This pattern looks absolutely fabulous on you. Great color selection and placement.

  7. That is adorable. That with a pair of leggings (so that I don’t have to act like a lady) looks like an amazing way to relax in the evening after work in the winter. Going to go search out that pattern now. And I love the fun colors and combinations! You’re inspiring.

    1. Of course, I have a pitbull so I might have to make that pouch bigger…. 😀

  8. That looks great! Really interesting construction.

  9. I think this is my favorite of your projects so far (and that’s really saying something, as I delight in them all!). What a beautiful outcome. Your ability to draw from your stash, with confidence, is an inspiration. I’m not there yet. You have such a great sense of how each yarn will play out. The combinations here are brilliant. Well done!

  10. I love the detailed description of how you made this come together. I am inspired by you!

  11. I love the Stephen West designs, but I had not seen this one before – so cool! It looks like it could be 2 or three layers but is one piece. Maybe you can put booties on your pup so she could ride in the pocket without snagging!

  12. Oh Dana..this is such a beautiful project and it looks fantastic on your! Thank you for sharing it! I think it could be worn as a dress or a longer tunic!!!!

  13. This is so cute! I love how it has a little shape, but looks so comfy to wear. Someday you will be able to wear it out, with tights and fun boots!

  14. Looks great on you, Dana. That’s definitely a pattern you need to see in person. The one Stephen wears on Ravelry doesn’t inspire me to knit it.

  15. This is awesome! I wish I could be creative by pulling out yarns as you mentioned. I have so many skeins (who doesn’t and I gave away a huge, ginormous amount of yarn last year) and just maybe I can see if I have enough for this. Thanks for all your posts and hope all goes well with exams and your prep work.

  16. just saw this on Insta and went to your blog. And then realized, I have the book! Obviously I also need to make this. Love yours! Makes me happy.

  17. Wow dana..just wow..i am in awe of this dress and yu! I have never seen this pattern..GREAT JOB!! Looks so great on you too!

  18. Love it! It looks great on you. But everything looks good on you. 😉

  19. OMG that is amazing and inspiring! I need one for me! Wishing the best for you on your exams. I love your blog!

  20. It looks wonderful , such a fresh colours . You look soo happy wearing it .

  21. Love your dress, Dana, particularly the lime trim on the sleeves and pockets. Downright inspired. Stephen West is da bomb. If you photograph his wildly-colored designs in black and white it is amazing how much they make strong, almost architectural, sense, He looks whimsical but, having heard him lecture in person, I think he has a mind like a steel trap. I love people like that. Also, by you pulling out your old WIP to complete it, you have strengthened my resolve to frog and re-knit my current project if I am not happy with the final outcome. My usual tendency is to just throw it in a corner and move on. Thank you for that, too!

  22. This is such an interesting pattern and yours is beautiful! I love your sense of color! Thank you for sharing!

  23. I love the colors you chose! And I also chose to make mine symmetrical.

  24. Your sense of color and style and how to combine them is genius to me. I can’t stop looking at this!

  25. Definitely a great overtop for your coming winter. Comfortable and colourful which is what is needed on cold dark days. I had a friend who eventually finished a jumper for her father 7 years later.

  26. I am in awe over your ability to pull skeins and colors together into stunning and cohesive pieces. I like the length you went with, too. A great piece. Congratulations!

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