FO: Birthday Briohème

Sorry for the week long silence but I was enjoying myself on a little break in Chicago. We went so my husband could run the Chicago Spring Half Marathon (I think he’s addicted to racing medals) and to see my cousin and hang out with friends. We also wanted to take Cher on another road trip, she loves the car.

Both dogs were actually really good in the car (about 13 hours with lots of stops and potty breaks). We didn’t have any accidents in the car (Cher wore a diaper while riding) and they were very good in the hotel. Jellybean did hop up on the counter and attempt to steal a container of coconut macaroons but apparently couldn’t open the container before we came back in. But I also wanted to make my cousin Safia a new lighter weight sweater and take it to her by our trip and I was able to finish a La Briohème cardigan for her in time!

La Brioheme for Safia

Safia’s favorite color is purple and I had some Paton’s Metallic yarn (now discontinued) in my stash in purple and black. I had a lot of purple, I considered making myself a dress, but I thought it should really go to something special for Safia.

With Chicago’s crazy up and down weather there’s always an opportunity to wear a sweater all year round. I thought something that wasn’t wool would be a nice option to layer in spring and summer. My gauge was slightly off so I had to adjust and I essentially knit a hybrid XS and Small size. And I’ll tell you that I made mistakes but I kind of love that brioche is really forgiving with mistakes, they’re camouflaged really well.

The construction on this sweater is such a unique one and I love it so much. It’s knit with a worsted/aran weight yarn, so it’s a quicker knit. I’m pretty sure I’ll be making another one in the future because the possibilities of color combos are just endless. This metallic version is definitely fun. And I wore my version while in Chicago because it was definitely cold. I did not get pictures of us wearing them together…but I did get pictures of Jellybean in her sweater this weekend.

And that’s definitely cuter than seeing me in a sweater.

16 Replies to “FO: Birthday Briohème”

  1. What a beautiful sweater! So glad you had a nice break in Chicago. 🙂

  2. 😍 That sweater is just beautiful-your cousin must have been thrilled!

  3. What a beautiful gift!! Hope your husband had a great race. Next time you’re coming to Chicago, reach out to me. I’ll come cheer with you (I am a runner too). Seriously. Glad you got a nice break.

  4. Wow-I’ve never had a garment made for me-what an awesome gift.
    Did you learn brioche online? I feel too overwhelmed to even start a hat. Any good how-to links?

    1. I took a class at my LYS because I wasn’t getting it on video and it just took one lesson to really click.

      1. I felt that way too. I’ll start looking for a class. Thank you! Brioche is my next knitting goal.

  5. Very pretty sweater and cousin. The sweater seems to be complicated, with Brioche technique. Never performed this technique, but planning to do so eventually. Keep up ,the great work. Jellybean is very fashionable too!!

  6. Gorgeous sweater and Safia looks beautiful in it! Nice stitches, I’ve never tried broiche. And a too cute puppy!

  7. Glad the girls had your vacation too and you all had a nice time, love Jellybean’s sweater!

  8. OMG ! – I just found this one, Dana ! GORGEOUS is too mild a word !
    I’ve finally ‘got’ your blog: you knit others’ designs as test runs for them; but you also adjust where you want/need, right ?
    I am always delighted to see your smiling face: you seem like a happy person. This is good ! 😀

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