FO: Glass Ceiling Test Knit

I’ve got another finished object for you! I’m on fire lately. This is a test knit I volunteered to do for one of my favorite designers, Heidi Kirrmaier. She just released the pattern this week, Glass Ceiling and here’s my Ravelry page with all the yarny details.
Glass Ceiling Test Knit
I think 2018 has been my year of stranded colorwork. I’ve been all about it this year, haven’t I? I wanted to volunteer for this one because I like how she writes her patterns and I loved the modern look of the colorwork on this one. And when I thought about the color palette I wanted to use, I went back to my rainbow inspiration I shared earlier this year. Remember this leash and harness?
Dog leash
I used it as the color inspiration for this sweater! I don’t typically do a lot of white (I tend to spill) and when I do I don’t like white ribbing because inevitably I’ll get my brown makeup on it. So I prefer to do a contrasting neckline and cuffs, so I went for the black and white and used the other colors to build my rainbow.
Glass Ceiling Test Knit
Now Jellybean and I can totally coordinate on our walks. LOL But I loved the color palette so much in the harness and leash I knew I needed to translate it into something for myself and this was kind of perfect. I used Berroco Vintage DK in Snow White for the main body color and then used a bunch of different Hikoo Simplicity yarns for the color. From top to bottom it goes True red, Gypsy Red (I say red-orange), Hot Pink, Orchid, Purple and a lovely Cobalt Blue.
Glass Ceiling Test Knit
The Berroco Vintage DK is nice and light, not too wooly and all of this mixed together makes such a soft sweater. I have a feeling I’ll wear this one a lot…as long as I don’t spill anything on it.

21 Replies to “FO: Glass Ceiling Test Knit”

  1. I love it, Dana! The black ribbing is a great idea for a white sweater. I’m a also a member of the dirty neckline and cuffs club.

  2. AWESOME!!!! Embracing the rainbow!!! And it looks absolutely faboo on! 😉

  3. Beautiful! I tend to get make-up on my neckline also – such a great solution!

  4. Love it! I can’t buy anything white. If I even glance at a white sweater, it stains. My husband says, ‘White? You’ll wear that once.’ Too true.

  5. Excellent!! So beautiful, and beautiful on you! I like white more and more in the things I knit and crochet. Your blog is very inspiring.

    1. Thanks! I thought the fit was a good one but it can have more ease. I just don’t love a lot of bulk on my frame.

  6. Love this. I’ve recently found your blog and just love your sense of humor and knitting choices, and especially your use of color! Thanks for making my day.

    1. Heidi said that’s why she named it because it looked like stained glass windows being shattered!

  7. The name is perfect! You’ve got another breakthrough. I really like your solution to the grubby cuff and collar problem. When I worked in offices, printer toner and desk dust always made it impossible to wear white cuffs. This is not only practical, but sharp!

  8. OH, my! The sweater, the glasses, the ‘do . . . fabulous!

  9. I love this! It’s beautiful, and the contrasting neck and cuff was a great idea.

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