FO: Gogink for Mom

I’ve knit the Gogink sweater for myself twice, one in wool and once in cotton/linen blend. I wear both a lot and of course when my mom sees me in one she tells me how much she loves it. That means I have to make her one too, right? This year for Mother’s Day I knit my mom a cotton/linen blend of Gogink (Raverly link) to wear all summer and even found a pair of Birkenstocks in the same bright cobalt blue I love on her.

Gogink for mom

For Mom’s version I used the Kelbourne Woolens Mojave yarn, a cotton, linen and flax blend. It is very soft and loft and washes very well. It’s perfect for a summer top or even all year round. Since it’s been in the seventies in November (hello, global warming) I like having lighter options for my knits. I actually want to wear them and most of the time I can’t wear a ton of wool in the classroom.


This my version I knit last summer and somehow I have not gotten a picture of us wearing them at the same time and she wore it a lot this summer. I used the leftover blue as the colorwork in her sweater but paired it with the coral shade. I also have the same Birkenstocks but in green so we really can coordinate LOL.

Gogink for mom

My mom wore this top all summer and I love to see how much she enjoyed wearing it. It made me smile every time I saw her in it with her Birkenstocks on. And those are the best kinds of people to knit for, the ones who really appreciate and love what you make.

15 Replies to “FO: Gogink for Mom”

  1. Very inspiring! Your mom and the sweater looks great. I love the coordinating Birkenstocks and hope that you will be able to get a photo of both ensembles next summer. I love catching a glimpse of your FOs. Beautiful colors and patterns. Happy knitting!

  2. Beautiful work (I love seeing what you make!) and beautiful smiles. I agree that making for those you love is the best!

  3. so nice! your mom and the blue sandals are perfect. so nice to knit for nice people!

  4. I love this post. Your mom is a beautiful model! I agree you must get a picture with the 2 of you wearing your sweaters😍😍

  5. This post made my day! What beautiful sweaters and equally beautiful women wearing them. I love seeing your mom and also how you two have been sporting those colorful Birkenstocks. Wonderful!

  6. Your sweaters are so beautiful and unique. Although I’ve never met you (or your mom), I would instantly recognize you, first from your sweaters, second from your Birks, and third, from your beautiful faces.

  7. Dana, your postings are always inspirational! You and your Mom in your sweaters are beautiful. I too wear light weight sweaters I have knit, with my Birkenstock’s all spring & summer. Then out come the heavier sweaters and hand knit socks. Knitting is so soothing…..

  8. You two look darling! And thanks for bringing the Mojave yarn to my attention: the DWJ seal of approval will guide my search for a good summer yarn .

  9. As always, the posts that include your mom are a delight! It’s great to have more cotton/linen yarn choices these days, isn’t it? And so helpful to all of your followers that your choice of knitting projects means you can share views of the same pattern in wool and cotton. Thank you!

  10. What a beautiful sweater. You and your mom look great in them. By the way you look like your mom. Amaze how quickly you knit these sweaters. Still working after a year on a cardigan. Like to know your secret.
    Thank you for always sharing your projects with the community.

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