FO: Jessica’s Rhinebeck Sweater

Despite not feeling like I’m accomplishing much knitting, I actually knit a sweater. And I did it in about two weeks. HOORAY!

Jessica's Rhinebeck Sweater

I am going to Rhinebeck this year for the first time ever. Just up for the day on Saturday and back that evening, but I’m making my best friend Jess tag along. I was thinking about making myself a Rhinebeck sweater but decided that it would be fun to let her get a brand new sweater just for Rhinebeck. She had already sent me images on Instagram of sweaters with balloon sleeves, fitted and a little cropped. And then I picked up this Lion Brand Ferris Wheel yarn for $5 a ball (I bought 4, only needed 3) that had all of her favorite colors. It felt like it was meant to be.

Jessica's Rhinebeck Sweater

It’s a worsted weight yarn and the folks at Skacel asked me if I wanted to try their new addi Rocket squared needles after seeing my video about tools and talking about square knitting needles (I do think they’re easier on my joints than round needles). So I tested out a size 9 needles on this sweater and I think that’s why I zipped through it. I don’t know why, but size 9 has always been my favorite size of knitting needle. Not too big and not too small. I used the basics of a top down raglan sweater and just worked up the math to make this sweater from Jess’s measurements. And can I tell you, this Ferris Wheel yarn is the softest yarn in the world. It’s an acrylic yarn and I threw it in the washer and dryer and then took these pics.

Jessica's Rhinebeck Sweater

And I didn’t do a really dramatic balloon sleeve, but it has just enough fullness without having issues stuffing it in a coat. LOL Now to package it up and send it her way and then hopefully get some good pics of her in it when I see her next month!

23 Replies to “FO: Jessica’s Rhinebeck Sweater”

  1. Love it!!!size 9 and 10 are my go tos. Yeah Rhinebeck 😍😍😍

  2. Adorable sweater, Dana. About Rhinebeck, please consider spending the night in a motel on Saturday night. There’s so few options to get through north Jersey and the traffic can be terrible.

    1. I’m taking the train back to Brooklyn! My husband is going to visit him family and we’ll head home Sunday.

  3. Such a cute sweater😍 Can’t wait to see pics of Jess wearing it!! Question: do the Addi squared needles come in interchangeables? I think I might want to try them;)

    1. As of now they just have fixed but I’d love a metallic interchangeable square set.

      1. I’m curious about the Addi squares, too. Can you describe how/why they are easier on the hands? I’m a pretty fast knitter, too, and don’t want anything that impedes easy movement of the stitches. I’m having issues with arthritis in both thumbs, so am open to new needle designs, just can’t figure out how the squared needles would help. Oh, and…. the *reason* I got on here in the first place: I love your sweater design! The yarn is gorgeous, but it’s the shape and style of the sweater that speak to me. So classic and trendy, both.

      2. I’ve always had an issue with my right wrist and when I tried square tipped needles I thought it just felt easier. I can’t explain it though and I really like these metal ones.

      3. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply Dana! I’ll have to order & try one of the Addi squared. I’ve only knit with wood so I should experience how metal works for me 😉
        Take care,

  4. So beautiful! I really like the contrasting cuffs and neck line. What fun to knit it for a friend!

  5. Thank you AGAIN for using all kinds of yarn. You are not a snob.

  6. I can’t wait to see it ON! 😁 You did a GREAT job! She will take Rhinebeck by storm in her new sweater 👍🏽

  7. That sweater is beautiful. You did a phenomenal job and of course it’s colorful. By you using yarn with acrylic and washing it, helps the community to see they can have a nice garment without spending a lot of money. Keep up the great work.

  8. I love the colours in that sweater and those sleeves! Lucky friend! I’ll have to see if I can find that yarn now 😁 As if you’ve managed to finish a sweater with your busy schedule…way to go!

  9. This is pretty much the exact sweater I’ve been looking for on Ravelry, but it sounds like you just made this up? Are there patterns you used as inspiration? Maybe one day you could write this out as a pattern and sell it?

      1. Thank you for the suggestion! It was so kind of you to search and link to that beautiful pattern. I’m looking for something a little less dramatic, and being a newish knitter, I’m not good at modifying patterns. I like the petiteknit patterns (Saturday night sweater and holiday sweater), but am worried they might be too challenging.

      2. Petite Knits patterns don’t have a lot of instruction, so just be aware of that if you’re a newbie. Park Knit has some balloon sleeve sweaters that are cropped and cute too!

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