Custom Illustrations

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen that I love custom illustrations. I grew up in a home that was filled with art and photography and I have always brought that into every personal space I’ve ever had (my offices, apartments, dorms). Recently, I came across the artist Ariana Uberti on Instagram and commissioned her to do illustrations of Cher and Jellybean. This is what she came up with for me.

Ariuberti Portraits

I sent her a write up about each dog’s favorite things and gave her pictures of them to develop her illustration. I love these so much.

Ariuberti Portraits

Cher has a portrait of my husband in the background because she loved him so much and Jellybean’s Mom T-shirt made me laugh. My husband and I both thought these were such awesome representations of our girls. And seeing the little halo over Cher made me tear up a bit but these happy portraits make me smile. I’ve already taken the digital file and am having new pillows for the couch made with them to bright up my sofa. I’m sure I’ll post these in my office too to add to all my vibrant and happy art.

12 Replies to “Custom Illustrations”

  1. Absolutely love these..I can see you designing a knitting item to match!!

  2. These portraits are absolutely wonderful! The colors and details make for a perfect capturing of Jellybean and Cher. What a great idea you had to commission them.

  3. They are so BEAUTIFUL I love the cheerful Colors. Its so great there is deep meaning to all the Objects pictured. There is a great amount of joy we all feel seeing them and knowing how much they make you Happy too

  4. Wow! These are so great! Thanks for sharing them with us. 🙂

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