FO: Summer Linus Pullover

I’m on a roll with finishing off knits that have been on my needles for way too long. The pattern for the Linus sweater comes with instructions for a pullover and a cardigan and last year I opted for the cardigan. When I made Jellybean a pullover Linus I knew I wanted to make myself one too. But of course I had to be different and make it in cotton. I used my go to cotton yarn, Berroco Modern Cotton in the color Waterfire and I used Birdies Knits cotton fingering in Day Dreams, a pale pink with gold, blue and dark pink speckles.

Summer Linus

I’ve talked before about my love of two-color brioche knitting. I love the fabric it creates and the ability to use so much color. The only downside is that it creates a really dense fabric with two strands of yarn and while that’s great for a wrap, it can be overwhelming in a pullover sweater. So I decided I’d give two-color brioche a try in a pullover but with cotton, even considering the fact that brioche is stretchy and so is cotton fiber but I was determined to give it a try.

Summer Linus

I knew the style of sweater would give me a boxy fit and I decided I would make it cropped in case it stretched. The only major stretching I got was with the v neck so I ended up seaming up the v neck a bit because it was too low. Otherwise, I wasn’t made with my stretchy cotton experiment.

Summer Linus

You can see my little bit of seaming when you get up close but it’s not bad. I also wore it all day yesterday after I took these pictures and it didn’t stretch out. When I blocked this, I washed it on delicate and popped it in the dryer on low. I love cotton yarns and I honestly love the feel of Berroco’s Modern Cotton, hence why I keep knitting projects with it. It’s a really perfect cotton yarn and the price isn’t bad at all.

Summer Linus

This month I’m working on two test knits and I’ve also decided I want to knit a sweater for Kristy Glass’s virtual Rhinebeck ‘Tell Me About Your Sweater’ project. I want to knit the Homecoming Cardi by Shay Johnson in a super bright pink with another neon rainbow rain – I need something bright to help me make it through the fall. This year has been tough but I’m determined to not let it break me, so I’ll knit happy things. Anyone else knitting a virtual Rhinebeck sweater and sharing it with Kristy? Tell me what pattern is on your list!

14 Replies to “FO: Summer Linus Pullover”

  1. You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing so much about the kinds of yarns you like, too. I am finishing some projects also…. a Dohne shawl by Gretha Jensen whose directions always lead me securely, a Dutch sky shawl also by Greta, and a new project by purl soho that I am really looking forward to -the twisted knit pullover. As the days lead to fall I’ve started a bunch of Ann Norling fruit caps for children that I take to our local knit shop. They are so satisfying and a quick finish. So glad to know you are here in person.

  2. I find that I want to knit with all the colors too. I’m looking at knitting a Summer Trellis sweater by Jill Zielinski in the Farmer’s Daughter’s Foxy Lady in purple for Kristy Glass Rhinebeck Sweater.

  3. Brave woman…cotton and brioche! I will be interested to see how it wears. I love brioche, an agree that it is a challenge for sweaters with the double thickness. (And I adore Modern Cotton…a great yarn. )

  4. That came out great! I love the color. It’s nice to see that brioche works so well in cotton.

  5. I am excited to participate in Kristy Glass’ Tell me about your Rhinebeck Sweater video. I just started the cover sweater from the new Noro Magazine and I’m having a blast so far!
    Probably a little warm for actual Rhinebeck in October but fun modular knitting for me in the meantime!

  6. Well, Dana, as they say “when the going gets tough the tough get going” – and, as usual, you are showing your stuff. I love that you are so inspiring so COLORFULLY. Like a spoonful of sugar. I love pink and love your sweater.

  7. I love the color of this on you, the yarns you choose and the brioche stitch. A suggestion that hit me about your fix as I was reading and looking at your pictures, is that instead of seaming up the V neck to make it wearable, I think this sweater might be interesting if you undid that V neck seam and instead made it a wide lace-up with an I-Cord of your Birdie yarn. You’d want to wear a cami or T-Shirt underneath, but could be cute.

  8. I want to make a homecoming Cardi too. Thanks for pointing it out. Gorgeous Linus!

  9. Wow! you took the roomy, comfy tee to a new level of flattering femininity! Love it!

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