Prepping for the New Year

Somehow I’m almost at the end of my summer. It went so slow and so fast simultaneously. Next week I take a screening exam for first year doctoral students, so I’m spending this week reading and prepping, attempting to get my brain back into academia mode. I’ve got two full days of writing ahead of me to ensure I’m approved to move on to my second year of the program. It’s slightly nerve racking but I know I can do it . As soon as my exam is over I have to immediately finish my syllabi for the school year and get back into teaching mode. I am currently slated to have one in person class with 20 students and everything else I teach or will take for grad school will be online. My university is doing a lot to try to prepare everyone for what this new school year will bring and I’m thankful for that because I know so many other educators that don’t feel supported. But, I’m still nervous. I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

Me and the Bean
Me and my study buddy

In terms of knitting, I got my mojo back (I think it’s part of me wanting to not sit down and study for an exam – procrasti-knitting). I’ve slowly been working on multiple things over the last month:

  • I’m trying to make the Linus sweater in the pullover version but with cotton. Cotton and brioche are a tricky thing but I’ve made some modifications and now I’m plugging away at the brioche body in the round.
  • I’ve had an improvised top down raglan I’ve been working on since March with some slub yarn. I love the effects but since it isn’t pressing for me to wear, it’s on the back burner.
  • I fell in love with the look of the Spark cardigan, Andrea Mowry’s latest design, so I dug into my stash and found some Cascade 220 I’ve had for years that I bought on sale that goes perfectly with a one of a kind yarn I picked up from Periwinkle Sheep last month. It is knit in the round and steeked and I said that I wanted to steek a sweater this year so this one is going to be it.
  • And then I dug into my hibernating WIPs and picked back up my Kangarullover sweater. I started it two years ago and realized I really want a tunic length sweater and it will be cozy for working from home this fall.

So I’m trying to balance it all, while still sheltering at home. I’ve been home since March 13 and I only leave for the grocery story once every 10-12 days. This has become the new normal, so I’m trying to enjoy my summer down time while I can. I’ll be quiet this week so I can study and relax. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week. Stay healthy!

24 Replies to “Prepping for the New Year”

  1. Best of luck with the exam and the transition. I know you will do just fine — you are an intelligent and confident woman!

  2. It’s not just that you CAN do it, you WILL do it! Enjoy your knitting and your not-knitting!

  3. Good luck, Dana! I remember when my husband was taking his A Exam for his a PhD…. ugh. I was driving to class and saw him driving home TAKING NOTES ON HIS DASHBOARD, he was so nervous he couldn’t wait the ten minutes drive to get home. This was before cellphones or virtual anything…. way back in the mid 90s lol. You’ve got this, and I know JB will be tremendous support;)

  4. Heart and mind and soul in abundance; all the best to you on this next step ✨

  5. Good Luck next week. I will say some prayers. Wow the summer has gone by fast. School coming back quickly. YOUR projects sounds sound AMAZING . I look forward to seeing your knitting 😍and Jellybean. And of course YOU and Kenny too.

  6. Good luck with your exam and all the prep! You’re my hero!

  7. Good luck on your exam and getting ready for the upcoming school year! Please keep us posted on how the school year goes with 1 in-person class and the rest online? I have a daughter going back to college for her senior year in engineering and a son starting grad school next month – nervous about the COVID but also how the colleges are handling online vs in-person curriculum delivery…

  8. I fell in love with the spark cardigan too. I want mine with buttons, pockets and a shawl collar. I’m thinking of a light gray with a blue, green, yellow and red accents. I can’t wait to see yours. I’ll be using cascade 220 as well. Haven’t decided on the contrast yarn yet. I hope your studying goes smoothly.

  9. Best wishes on your screening exam. I’m an ESL elementary school teacher in VA Beach and should hear next week what our plans for school will be. This has been a hard time for everyone. I love your posts.

  10. It’s always a boost to find a post from you.. Best of everything as you work on your doctoral program, as well as prep for teaching. These times surely do require flexibility and perseverance and you seem to have a good quota of both! Glad to read you’ve gotten some colorful knitting in as well, all of which inspire me to get busy, too.

  11. “procrasti-knitting” Love it! and know it well!
    Best of luck on your quals. And on getting ready for an uncertain year.
    May we all find more ease as we journey through these uncertain times.

  12. You are a mighty and unstoppable woman, and of course you will qualify. Take care of yourself as you go back to teaching, & use your own good judgment.

  13. Sending confidence and happy energy for the items on your list. Yes, you’ve taken on a huge challenge, and you’re definitely able to overcome it.

  14. As ever you have a lot on your plate, but I know you’ll do well. Good luck with teaching. I know you will be careful. I hope everyone around you is too.

  15. Your Linus sweater is beautiful! I hope you’ve had a good week of studying so you can go crush that exam!

  16. Sounds like you are having a wonderfully productive summer. Can’t wait to see some of the results of that procasti-knitting😊. Good luck on those exams! Your self-discipline and focus is very inspiring.

  17. Best wishes for a new school year! Knitting a steeked cardigan is on my to-do list as well. Stay safe and healthy ☺

  18. I’m about 16 rows from my first steek. Wishing you success in everything. Home, heart, health, schools, knitting…..

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