FO: Rock Lobster

Update: This pattern is now available via Ravelry

It’s Friday and finally feeling like late fall/early winter around Maryland and DC. Aside from being able to wear my knits, I love the fall foliage this time of year. The colors are just gorgeous, if only I had more daylight hours to view it. My neighborhood gets so beautiful, so I decided to pop into my backyard to get better light to take these pictures for my latest finished object. Remember that test knit I was working on?
Rock Lobster
I finished it! Meet the sweater I’m calling Rock Lobster. Why, Rock Lobster?

Well I used a yarn I’ve never used before, Sirdar Cotton Rich Aran and the color was called Lobster Pot. Plus the pattern (which has yet to be released and I will let you know when it is) is going to be called South Bay sweater which makes me think of water. So Rock Lobster just popped into my head while I was knitting this one. [Side note, I think the color should’ve been Lobster Claw instead of Lobster Pot because it’s the color of a lobster shell…but whatever I’m not in charge of naming yarns. Although that would be a fun job.]
Rock Lobster
I remember when Samantha posted this photo on instagram after a sweater makealong. I loved the gathers, the garter panel and the shortened sleeve. It was a perfect silhouette for a pullover, just my style and shape but also a simple top down knit. I jumped at the change to test knit this one for her so I could make one (or many) for myself. I ended up grabbing the Sirdar yarn on sale on because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough of a solid color in my stash and I wanted something with cotton to make it a lighter pullover for layering. Despite a little splitting in one skein and a few knots, I really love the drape that the cotton yarn added to this pullover. It’s also super light, so I can wear this in the early summer and not freeze to death in my chilly office. I could also totally see this done in 100%  cotton yarn as just a short sleeved version for summer. No matter what, this will be made again.
Rock Lobster
The pattern will also have the option for a cowl neck as well. I could totally see that in a nice wooly yarn. Cowls aren’t my favorite so I was happy to whip up the crew neck version. I absolutely love this sweater and can’t wait to share the pattern with you once it’s live on Ravelry. It’s a super quick knit!

23 Replies to “FO: Rock Lobster”

  1. You always get such a beautiful fit. A starfish necklace to accessorize? Looking forward to finding the pattern on Ravelry! Deb, Northern CA

    1. Actually it’s not a starfish, it’s my star sign! My BFF gave me a Virgo necklace for my birthday and it plots out the Virgo in the stars, it’s very simple but I love it.

  2. That is just a beautiful sweater and it looks killer on you! Also, thanks for reminding me of a favorite song. ROCK LOBSTER!

  3. Wow! It looked great in progress, but the FO is gorgeous! I will definitely be watching for this one to “go public”!

  4. Beautiful! I love this jumper’s silhouette, and the colour of the yarn is dreamy.

  5. That’s a really cute pattern and looks very nice on you. I need to get it once it’s released.

  6. In love with this sweater and it looks fabulous on you!!!

  7. It looks great DWJ! And DEFINITELY in line with the season . . . the color is brilliant!

    1. It’s such a good knit!! I promise I will share as soon as the pattern is posted.

  8. So gorgeous! The perfect colour on you 🙂 I might have to make one of these for myself…

  9. Luv that pattern! Please let us know when it is published.

  10. Now, this is absolutely bloody ACE ! Had I sufficient knitting ability and/or concentration …

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