FO: Bar Harbor Test Knit

I mentioned that I finished this knit but didn’t want to do a full post until the pattern was released. Well, now it’s time!
Bar Harbor blocked
This is my Bar Harbor test knit! The pattern was released yesterday AND Alicia Plummer is having a 50% off sale! So you can grab it on sale!
Bar Harbor blocked
I don’t do a lot of test knits but this is my second one for Alicia (this was my first). I like her pattern styles and her test knits are fairly relaxed. Plus for this one, you don’t have to know how to co any kind of colorwork! The construction to get the side panels was so clever and super simple. There’s just a tiny bit of seaming and because it’s knit on larger needles in comes together really quickly. The only reason mine took me a little longer than the norm was that I ran out of the white yarn and had to order another skein.
Bar Harbor blocked
The pattern calls for Quince and Co Kestrel but I used Berroco Maya (you may remember me using it on this pattern last year) that I already had in my stash. I love the lightness of this yarn and how breezy and great this top is especially on a hat and humid DC summer day. I also saw a gorgeous test knit using Patons Metallic yarn which is on sale and has some clearance colors too. I used this yarn a long time ago for my first North Fork that had issues but I loved the yarn and was thinking of ordering it in the blue and green and making this for my Mom! This is definitely an interesting and fun knit but still easy enough for a beginning. Let me know if you end up buying the pattern and share your finished object with me!!

11 Replies to “FO: Bar Harbor Test Knit”

  1. I just bought this pattern, especially after seeing your blog post about it. I’m not using the Berroco or the Quince & Co, but another yarn very similar to the Berroco. Did you knit this piece on the 10.5 and 9 needles called for in Alicia’s pattern? I noticed that the Maya calls for size 8 needles.

    1. Hi Amy! This post links to my Ravelry page with all the details on what needles I used. And as long as you get gauge it can be any needle size!

      1. Oh I see that now! You used size 8 needles. Thanks! I’m getting underway with 9’s, which made my gauge slightly undersized, but we’ll see. I may have to get started, see how I like it, etc. I’m still somewhat of a beginning knitter, so everything is a learning experience!

      2. Hey, we’re all beginners at some point! My best advice, just make sure to swatch to get as close to gauge as you can and then you won’t have an ill fitting sweater. Good luck!

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