FO: A Pink Dress for Paige

And just like that…a dress is knit!
Paige's pink dress
I’m so glad I frogged the dress I was initially going to make my goddaughter Paige. Instead of being mad and constantly putting that dress down I changed over to the Summer into Fall dress pattern and this baby flew off my needles. It was so fast and cute I want to make more of them for the other little girls in my life.
Paige's pink dress
For Paige I made the 2T size so that it will grow with her for the next year. She’s 1 but has a few little bits of adorable baby chub so this size actually fits her but she’s still got room to grow. I may add another layer of buttons on the back just to tighten up the fit until she gets a bit taller. I knit this up in Knit Picks Shine Worsted, a pima cotton and modal blend that is so soft to the touch and has a great drape to it. Plus the yarn was affordable, 4 skeins costs about $10 before shipping. Not bad at all for a baby garment. It can also easily go into the washer and dryer so Paige’s mom doesn’t have to think twice when she’s doing the laundry.
Paige's pink dress
My favorite detail is the little flutter to the straps at the top, it’s such an adorable little added touch to a sweet little dress. I can even see doing the flutter and the tabs on the side in a contrasting color.
And what’s even sweeter? Seeing that it fits my goddaughter. YAY!!

4 Replies to “FO: A Pink Dress for Paige”

  1. Oh my goodness Dana it is so adorable!!!!!❤️ Thank you for making that for Paigey, she looks darling in it even over her other clothes🤣 ⭕️⭕️❌❌

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