June’s FO’s & 6 Month Check-in

I’ve been out of my office and totally missed that Monday was Monday and forgot to post. Oops! Better late than never to do my first of the month post on what I was able to finish last month. And added bonus I thought I’d do a 6 month check-in to see how much progress I’ve made since half the year is over.
June's FO's
This month was pretty productive! Here’s what I was able to finish:

  • A newborn hat for baby Matzah Ball and a cute onesie. Unfortunately the little guy is so small the hat is a little big for him. No worries, he’ll grow into it and it will be perfect for fall.
  • My Lipstick Henley. This is such a light and breezy top. I love it for summer.
  • Wasabi the Whale and a Chevron baby blanket. Baby Matzah Ball arrived and his name is now Eli. I’m excited to snuggle him in his blanket.
  • My beloved Royally Striped cardigan. Not gonna lie…I was sitting in my living room wearing this with a tank top and shorts on. I cannot wait for fall.
  • An adorable pink dress for Paige. I have to make another one of these ASAP.
  • And one you haven’t seen yet…a Chihuahua for Jacob! And I felt like he was a little naked so I made him an adorable bow tie this weekend. This is a great project I’m excited to share.

And now on to all my finished objects from the last 6 months. I shared this on Instagram in my stories the other day because I shocked myself and I didn’t realized I’d already knit 13 sweaters/tees in adult size on top of everything else!
6 month wrap-up
And as of yesterday morning that number is now up to 14. I finished a cardigan after being inspired by what to use this rainbow yarn I bought ages ago. Sometimes inspiration strikes and I feel like I can’t knit fast enough! I don’t set numbers or goals of things to knit but I’ve said that I need to knit more for myself to fill my wardrobe and I’m happy to say I’ve kept that promise to myself. There are definitely some projects and things I want to do for others (I want to knit my cousin in Chicago a Royally striped and I want to knit my sisters Fable cardigans but in their favorite colors and a sweater vest for my husband…) but for the most part I’m working on building a wardrobe I love for myself with things I’ve made. It makes me love wearing them even more. But I also love seeing the folks I love wearing things I’ve made for them and that motivates me to make for others. So a lot of knits completed in just 6 months and I’ve got tons of ideas swirling around in my brain. So what has your knitting looked like so far this year? Share!

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