FO: Bragita

Oh Bragita…I almost gave up on you. Almost and I’m glad I didn’t.
I mentioned the other day I thought the neckline might be too low. Oh boy, was it loooow. LOL I mean all the way under my boobs low. Don’t ask me how because I followed the pattern and everything else fit me well. Just not the bustline. I was slightly discouraged but then I paused and thought about how to fix it. I decided instead of doing a single row for the picked up neckline I would just make a garter stitch neckline that would give me full coverage. I added about an inch to the neckline after it was blocked and it made a world of difference.
Here’s the other thing I need to work on, seaming. As slowly and methodically as I tried I just couldn’t get the peplum seams to look as neat as they did in the photos for the pattern. I’m sure when I wash it again it will ease up a bit but for now, you’re going to see my seams and I’m okay with that.
I’m typically not a big garter stitch fan but with the lighter weight Berroco Maya yarn I like it on this pattern. I don’t know if I’d want to do this same garter filled pattern in a wool version but I definitely love it in this cotton blend for summer. This yarn is insanely light and drapes well. I have 3 skeins left and am considering getting a couple more skeins in an alternating color to make a tee for summer to throw on all the time (because I wore the hell out of my Togue Pond tanks 1 and tank 2 last summer and intend to do the same). I even contemplated making another Togue Pond tank (which is the same designer for this sweater) but said perhaps I should make a simple tee instead.
I also finished this in time to participate in the Tees, Tops and Tanks Knit Along! I’ve never really participated in a knit along but kind of watch behind the scenes. I love seeing what other people come up with. And since it’s a holiday weekend, I get out early on Friday from work and my husband will be jet lagged from his travels I only have plans to knit and hang out at home over the weekend. Maybe throwing something on the grill on Monday. Anyone have great long weekend plans? Any good summer knits on your needles?

13 Replies to “FO: Bragita”

  1. Your perservance and the ‘fix’ at the end was def worth it! It is gor-GEOUS and you look awesome in it! I LOVE the color, waaaayyy cool! I think that might be MY new color for the summer! Way to go, DWJ!

    1. Yeah I’ve got a couple of things this color, pants, a cardigan. It’s not pink, it’s not nude but I like it. Very soft.

  2. Great solution for the low neckline! It looks fabulous!! 🙂

  3. Great looking garment! I like the seams, but don’t know the intention of the designer. I just bought a linker! WOW—fabulous seams so quickly.

  4. This came out great! Perfect fit too!
    Also, I love the color you chose. Looks good on you!

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