FO: Storm Tracker Test Knit

I signed up last month to do a test knit for knitwear designer Alicia Plummer. I agreed for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was a worsted weight sweater, so I knew I could finish it fairly quickly (11 days)
  2. The mock neck turtleneck style was one my sister would love and I still hadn’t knit her a new sweater.
  3. It was a top down knit with textured sleeves and I’d been interested in that kind of design.
  4. I had the yarn.
  5. She didn’t have a crazy rigid timeline.

So I made the Storm Tracker sweater.
Textured sleeve sweater
Here’s the finished product. I modeled it myself because I knew I needed pictures for the test knit and my sister hates almost any photo you take of her.
Textured sleeve sweater
In my version you can see I made only a few modifications. I went with 3/4 length sleeves because in the DC/MD/VA area we don’t always need full on wool sweaters. This sleeve length makes it a little less hot. Also the pattern called for 5 inches of neck ribbing and I only went with 3.
Textured sleeve sweater
It has a little bit of ease built into it so it doesn’t just cling to the body and the hardest part for me was reading the cables once you work the sleeves in the round after you’ve separated them from the body. It’s a simple 1/1 cable but I had to pull my cabling needle out and I hadn’t done that in a while. I definitely love the texture and I can see myself making it with just an inch of ribbing at the neckline for myself. Oh and the yarn was Knit Picks Swish Worsted, their superwash worsted weight yarn. I had a bunch in a lovely heathered indigo color that I knew my sister would love. It washed up beautifully and was super soft when I wore it. I’d definitely use this one again.
Added bonus, I thought with all of our warm weather my sister wasn’t going to get to wear her sweater until next fall/winter but I was surprised at brunch by her and my Mom wearing their knit goods. I’m currently swatching to make a spring sweater for my sister Anne, so she’s not being left out.

14 Replies to “FO: Storm Tracker Test Knit”

  1. Looks lovely. I think 5 inches at neck would have been too much – the 3 looks good but I’d also go for 1 if it was for me!! Lucky sister!!

    1. Yeah 5 inches would’ve been on my chin, I don’t have a lot of neck. I think I could’ve gone one more inch for my sister but she’s happy with the sweater as is.

  2. Beautiful sweater! It looks fabulous on you and your sister. I love the photo with your mom, sister and you wearing sweaters you knit:)

  3. The last photo is just adorable! Your girls are so lucky to have you as their personal knitter 🙂

  4. The sweater turned out great! LOVE the picture of you and your mom and sister in your handknits!! 😀

  5. I always feel a little happier after reading your posts. The colours, the photos, the smiles – just awesome. And I love the photo of the 3 of you wearing your sweaters!

  6. I aw this on instagram and loved it! Especially the photo of all the girls in your hand knits! I love this design but, like you, I have little need for warm sweaters in Texas. I am trying to knit what I have yarn for and then do more lightweight knits. I also have a sewing machine, so maybe I’ll make some practical clothing I can wear more than a couple times a year. We’ll see..

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