FO: Saddle Shoulder Striped Tee

I’m giddy.
Striped saddle shoulder sweater
I love this top so much. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE IT. I finished my Saddle Shoulder Striped Tee and am already wearing it. So let’s get into the details on this project.

Here’s my initial inspiration sweater photo compared to what I actually made:
Comparing sweaters
I wanted the following:

  • A short sleeve tee for summer made using saddle shoulder construction.
  • I didn’t want a lot of ease and for it to be a fairly fitted crew neck (not too tight) so I can wear it with an a line or full skirt.
  • COLOR! You guys know me and know how much I love color and so I picked a bunch of Berroco Pima 100 in varying colors I liked and just went with it. I was surprised at how close I was to some of the colors in the original sweater.

In the end I think this was a great finished object. It’s not perfect (few knits are) but I think I did a solid job on this one without really knowing how this was going to all come together. Also the yarn worked up well and wasn’t hard on my hands like some other cotton yarns.
Striped saddle shoulder sweater
For another saddle shoulder style sweater I would run a pattern like an open chevron lace on the saddle so I could carry it all the way down the arm of the sweater. That’s what makes it such a useful design technique. And in regards to how you construct it, thank my friend and reader Lavon for realizing it’s a lot like turning a heel on a sock.
Striped saddle shoulder sweater
The saddle stitches are live and you pick up the stitches around the armhole. Add in some short row shaping for the sleeve cap and then you’ve got a sleeve to work with! It’s not a difficult technique at all. And I’d say the fit is more in line with a raglan style and not as close under the arm as a seamed sweater would be.
Striped saddle shoulder sweater
So I’ve started off my summer staples knitting with a bang. I can’t wait to knock out more tops for myself and I’ve still got yarn leftover from this project so you may see these colors in a striped tank too! So what plans do you have for summer knitting? What projects are topping your list?

28 Replies to “FO: Saddle Shoulder Striped Tee”

  1. I love this! I’ve been wanting to try the saddle shoulder but, compared to other constructions, there are so few examples out there. This looks great!

    1. Yeah there aren’t a lot of examples for saddle shoulder and it’s such a fun technique!

  2. This tee is even better now than it looked in progress. Congratulations on design, technique, and willingness to take on something that wasn’t so much fun the first time around.

    It doesn’t sound very summery, but I recently splurged on a very nice 16″ circular needle and have been stash-busting with a series of winter hats. I’m rarely satisfied with how hats look on me, so have decided to try out a bunch of patterns with the ultimate plan to donate all but one to the local women’s shelter when winter comes again. It’s not really a summer project, but I like working without pressure. Up to now, I’ve been a steadfast four-needle hat maker. But this new needle changes everything!

    1. That is such an awesome project! I’ve been toying around with the idea of using summer to whip up a bunch of dog sweaters since I’m always asked about those in the fall and winter. Might have to do the same. And I love hat, maybe a good slouchy beanie might be a style you like?

  3. Terrific finish! The colors are happy fun. It fits you wonderfully. How good that yarn must feel against your skin in DC’s weather.

    1. It’s really warm today too! Loving it and have gotten lots of compliments today ☺️

  4. Love the way your orange saddle rides down into the sleeve. Really highlights the design!

    1. I thought it would be too hard to get stripes matched up. Especially with short rows. But I love that extra pop of color.

    1. Great share! I have this issue and may have to make one too! I made the Union Station cardigan from this issue (I think that’s what it’s called)

  5. It looks great!! Love your colors (of course) and the saddle shoulder fits you so well. You continue to inspire.

  6. Wow! That looks great! I am impressed with how quickly you got the done! Any chance you are going to write up the pattern? As someone comfortable with sock knitting, it sounds very do-able from your description.
    My summer knitting plans are usually take-alongs for soccer & softball & camping (socks, hats, mittens) and a shawl, although I’m need to get started on a graduation afghan for my son because in 2 short years he will be graduating πŸ™‚

  7. Beautiful! But I have to ask….do you ever sleep??? You work so quickly, I’m a little jealous, lol.

  8. Love, love, love your tee! Te saddle shoulders are a great detail, and I love the stripes- they are the perfect width, I think. You look fantastic!

  9. This sweater is so cute! You give me countless inspiration and I always enjoy reading your blog! πŸ™‚

    1. Comments like this make my day πŸ™‚ If I can inspire folks to dip their toes into more color I’m happy to do it.

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