Favorites of 2017

I pulled my Instagram Best Nine pics again this year and thought about doing another best nine of the year post but didn’t want to do all that. You can see last year’s best nine posts here, here and here.
Best Nine 2017
These were my top posts on Instagram this year and it reflected a lot of what my 2017 was about, knitting sweaters for myself that I would love and my family. Clearly pictures with my husband and the dogs are pretty high up on the list of liked images. I’ve also gotten some sweet messages via Instagram and even here on the blog about enjoying what I share and being impressed by my volume of knitting. And I appreciate the comments. I love the knitting community but I stick out sometimes because I don’t fit the mold (which is fine) of what a knitter looks like which can also make you feel like you don’t always belong. But that’s one of the main reasons why I decided to blog, so that I could have a space where I could do my own thing and change the idea of what a knitter should look like and show that we are all so very different. But instead of sharing what were the most popular on Instagram, I thought I’d share what I enjoyed the most this year. First up, my Saddle Shoulder Striped Tee.
Striped saddle shoulder sweater
I absolutely loved reading up on creating a saddle shoulder and working out how to knit one for myself. This project was full of wonderful color and pushed me to try to make what I had in my head and had drawn out on paper come to life. Maybe one day I’ll eventually write a pattern but for now I’m just super proud when I figure things out for myself. Also, I love Berroco Modern Cotton yarn and totally plan on making more summer tops with it in 2018 (and if you love it too Little Knits always seems to have some on sale!). My next favorite, the Royally Striped Cardigan aka my Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Royally striped
Stephen West makes some of the most interesting designs and I was intrigued with his Royally Striped pattern and could scroll through all the other projects on Ravelry all day long. There are so many awesome color combos I want to make another one. Anytime I have the opportunity to mix a lot of color and the construction is interesting but not too complex I’m down. This is one of those wildly impractical pieces that I just love. I throw it on with jeans, dresses or pajamas. It’s squishy, yarny goodness. And speaking of squishy goodness…this year I made some awesome toys.
UntitledBetween these two colorful pups (who are now named Sally and Max), a doll to match Leia’s likeness and a very adorable whale for my buddy Eli I had a good year of knit toys. As much as I love knitting baby cardigans and hate making baby blankets, knit toys actually last a bit longer and become a fun part of their childhood. I want to make my friend Bryce a dog since he’s been missing the family dog Brody who died this year so maybe I’ll finally sit down and work that out over a quiet weekend. Next up, the Pommier Brioche Vest I made for my sister.
Birthday Brioche
When I saw this vest with a two color brioche stitch collar I knew I was going to have to learn two color brioche. I tried to learn via YouTube tutorials and I just couldn’t get it right so I took a class at Fibre Space and within 15 minutes my issues were resolved! I’m so glad I took that class and I’m so happy with the end results. I want to make another one for my other sister and at some point one for myself! And lastly, these two sweaters for my girls.
Sister sweatersI’m fully aware that I’m a crazy dog lady but I love making my dogs fun little sweaters with the leftover yarn from other projects. They’re small, full of color and super quick to work up. And since Jellybean, my littlest dog, is always cold they’re actually a practical addition to her wardrobe. For Cher, they’re not as necessary but you can’t deny the cuteness level when you see a dog in a sweater.

My favorites this year were full of color and helped me learn new techniques and I love that about knitting. Every year I strive to work on something new and take my skills up a notch. Since next week will be the start of 2018 I’ve got to do a round-up of all my projects for the year! And I still need to share what I finished for December. So what were your favorite things you made in 2017? Share (and include links too!).

28 Replies to “Favorites of 2017”

  1. You are such an inspiration to me. I love your use of color and your writing is such a joy to read. I am so so glad you blog. I’m headed to Instagram now to do my own Favorites collage.

  2. I can think of no better use for leftover yarn than making dog sweaters! I’m new to your blog, but have already been so inspired 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2018!

  3. Just loved both your Saddle Shoulder Striped Tee and your Royally Striped Cardigan! The last one may be a knitting project for me for 2018… Your colorful work and your overflowing joy with knitting are pure inspiration for me!!! All the best for 2018 for you and your lovely family! From São Paulo, Brazil

  4. oh dana, you are wrong about notfitting any image!!!! anyone who has needles in their hand or yarn on their lap is a knitter!!! you are amazing and I love love your posts and all your talent.. keep knitting and you are right to believe in yourself!! that’s what matters most.. happy new year

  5. Agreed…you should see the people in our fiber group… Viva la difference!! I’m looking forward to the makes you create in 2018. Go in joy💜 (and yarn of course). Deb

  6. I love reading your blog and I always enjoy your colourful take on all the garments you knit. I would knit my dogs sweaters all the time if I had dogs 😉

    My favourite things this year were my Oa http://schnickschnacks.blogspot.ch/2017/06/finished-object-oa.html (which was really intense knitting and is rarely worn because it has to be really cold outside and my Maeve http://schnickschnacks.blogspot.ch/2017/08/finished-object-maeve.html (which I wear a lot and I just love the colour). Now if only I could remember how to properly add a link…

    Anyway I wish you and your family all the best for 2018

  7. I just found your blog and I’m inspired by your fantastic attitude and beautiful knits. I love that you can knit for your dogs with leftovers. My dogs are so big, they would need (almost) as much yarn for a sweater as I do. Plus, they are never cold, being very densely furry! Anyway, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you.

    1. It does help that I have tiny dogs that are always cold and willing to wear whatever I put on them. LOL Here’s to 2018!

  8. Your unique take on color work and your zest for finding new and interesting patterns brought me here from Ravelry (I followed you from one of your many standout projects). I’m always looking for knitters who are a little off the beaten path (I, too, like Stephen West’s work). The fact that you write and teach as well as knit takes the work out of the “little old lady by the fire” category, and that also makes me a fan. And when you break into a philosophical post, I’m as glad to hear your point of view as I am to see your new sweaters. Diversity in knitting — and everywhere — forever! Happy New Year!

  9. I just bumped into your blog and am over the moon! love your ebullience and creativity! You sure look like a knitter to me. Thanks for sharing. Your dogs are adorable. I don’t think my cats will tolerate sweaters, but you have me thinking…Happy 2018. I look forward to reading more of your adventures.

  10. Your South Bay Sweater and Teazel cardigan were my favourite makes 🙂 I also love all the little doggie sweaters. I’m working on my own Douth Bay Sweater now as I was so inspired by your version. I’m deep in the math portion of figuring out how to knit myself a cabled sweater that I found in the Barbour website.

    1. Well good luck to you on your project. And my Teazel is a very worn and loved cardigan.

  11. Hey Lady, you are an inspiration. I know what you mean about not seeing knitters that look like you. Yes, it does matter. For one, it made me happy to know that it was part of my African American heritage. Second, it’s fun to see someone whose aesthetic matches your own. We are all about the color and flair. And third, it has always been my desire that other women like me were enjoying this fantastic past-time/obsession.
    That said, I knit with a fun, creative, smart bunch of women who have become my dearest friends, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
    I’ll be following along, so glad I found you.

  12. I love everything you make and I love your love of color. It that too much love? The picture with the matching dog sweaters makes me smile and giggle every time I see it. I giggle because the dogs seem to know they look good. You have a beautiful family!

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