Stitching Status: Playing Games

I came really close last night to losing a serious game of yarn chicken…
This was all I had left at the end of a block of purple on my Cosette tee. Did I mention I’m doing vertical stripes? I used leftover yarn from my Saddle Shoulder Striped Tee and even weighed my yarn left to see if I’d make it. I was not trying to go back to Fibre Space to buy a full skein of 1 color when I knew I’d only need 10 yards at most if I ran out. And I did not have to go! WOOHOO! It was pretty tense in my house while I was knitting to see if I could make it to the end.
The Cosette tee is worked from cuff to cuff, something I’ve never done before and am super excited about. I love new construction techniques. It always makes it a more interesting project. I decided to make a tee with some of the leftover colors from my last tee in the Berroco Pima 100. I used the pale pink and purple and then added in a darker shade of the pink, a light blue with hints of pink in it and a dark blue…get it? Pink to lavender to purple to blue to light blue! A different kind of rainbow but still lots of color because that’s what I like. It’s hard to tell in this pic but I’ve already started the dark blue and will just have the last light blue section and then seaming and picking up the collar and hem. I should be finished this weekend and wearing this baby next week.

In addition to finishing up this project I’m headed to Maryland Sheep and Wool on Sunday. What are your weekend knitting plans?

16 Replies to “Stitching Status: Playing Games”

  1. Have fun at the fair! Wish I could’ve made it this year, but hopefully I’ll make it next. Also, hopefully by then I’ll have made a dent in my stash to accommodate more yarn!

    1. I don’t have a ton of room so my purchases will be few and far between. Honestly I’m hoping to find some awesome buttons. Isn’t that the nerdiest thing ever?

  2. Yarn chicken is the perfect term! I always knit faster when I’m running out… As if that would help me get finished before the yarn gives out. The worst lately was finishing a hat that needed Kitchener stitch seaming. I dutifully measured the 24 inches the pattern said were needed, then ran out within five stitches of the end of the row. Grrr. Had to graft the yarn to finish out the join.

    The new sweater looks gorgeous. Will be interested to know if it holds its shape with the grain going the opposite direction from the usual. Speaking of interesting constructions, you might want to try the hat I just mentioned: Jennifer Dassau’s Earlappe Hat. It’s a side-to-side short-row construction that’s really fun. Just cut a long tail when you’re grafting.☺

    1. Oooh just bookmarked that hat on Ravelry. I love ear flaps and short rows so that might be right up my alley! I saw the Cosette tee in store and was curious too about how it holds up but that piece is making the rounds and looks good. So we shall see once I’m finished!

  3. Looks great! Glad you won the game—I hate when it happens; I don’t like the extra stress. Sideways knits seem to be terribly flattering; I plan on trying one soon, too. I’m on the fence about MS&W. I’ll look for you if I do go!

    1. I always get worried when something isn’t a top down and I can’t really try it on as I go. I like to make sure it will fit but fingers crossed that this one works out.

  4. So glad you won! Heading to MDSW tomorrow. I have a specific shopping list which I hope will deter me from extra purchases. Sunday I am going to finish the wool sweater I have in progress. It will be great for next fall.

  5. Whew! That was a close one. How neat, cuff to cuff. Haven’t done that before. The festival sounds wonderful. We have my nephew’s red egg and ginger party tomorrow. I made the table cards for our party.

      1. In Chinese culture, a Red Egg and Ginger party is thrown for the new baby in the family; it is to introduce the baby to the rest of the clan and to welcome him/her besides good luck and stuff. Eggs are dyed red and I don’t really remember the ginger part. But we have many dishes, at least eight I think as the number is good luck in our culture. I’m happy to be able to oink out on Chinese chow, something we don’t really access to in the suburbs.

      2. I have never heard of that but it sounds like a great celebration! Have a wonderful time ☺️

      3. Thank you; my mum’s got it planned where families will take photos. I drool at being able to eat my favorites – honey, walnut prawns; steamed fish; black bean clams…

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