FO: Something for Spring

It’s Friday! I have no real plans for the weekend and that makes me super happy. Today I thought I’d share a finished object to usher in the weekend. When I finished my Little Women cardigan I had 3 and a half skeins leftover and I didn’t know what to make with the leftovers. I loved this yarn a lot and had an epiphany that if I used larger needles I would have enough to make a top for myself and I was right! Here’s my Spring Tee and Jellybean, my constant shadow and my one grey hair that is determined to be featured in any photograph. Sigh…those greys are strong!
Summer Top
I pulled out my copy of The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters, did some math and some guessing (totally didn’t swatch on the larger needles) and just improvised a top. I even decided to do a cable cast-on at the neckline to give it more of a scoop/u neckline instead of a v neck. Who am I?! But I’ve made enough basic top-down sweaters to know what works, what doesn’t and what I like to knit. I probably could’ve made the sleeves a little bigger since I kept them short but they’re fine. This was just a total make it up as I go along after I cast-on 40 stitches with size 10.5 needles. I’m proud of myself for winging it.
Summer Top
The other thing I always second guess is length. I’ve got hips and a butt so I hate clingy tops but I like layering and didn’t want to make it too short and have a tank top hanging really low. Add in how much I wasn’t sure it would grow when I blocked it and I think in the end I got a good length for me and it is a perfect length to layer tops underneath. I’m sure I’ll pick up a long sleeve from Target in the fall to layer underneath this so it becomes a year round top. Side note, I really need to buy myself some blocking boards (perhaps that will be my birthday gift to myself?) because my hemline is slightly wonky since it got squished a little when I put it out to dry. Oops!
Summer Top
I really do love this yarn and hope that it wears well over time. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing this top repeatedly all year long. Next up on my list? Finishing up my third hat, starting on same baby knits and finally working on that saddle shoulder sweater with stripes I want to make for summer. We might be taking family pics soon and I think the top I’ve envisioned in my head would be cute for photos. We shall see. What are you working on this weekend?

15 Replies to “FO: Something for Spring”

  1. I love this tee!!! I have that same book. Maybe I’ll be brave and try it myself…..maybe lol. I’m working on Crescendo shawl and socks for my “car” projects. At home, I’ve got two afghans and Boxy. No wonder I can’t get anything done lol.

    1. Hey I always have more than one thing going at a time. I like to switch it up. And seriously, that book is a great starting point. They outline EVERYTHING you need to make a basic sweater in any style. Use it!! And make yourself a great summer top too!

  2. What a great idea. The drape is lovely and airy for a spring garment, and it’s a beautiful fit. Now, tell us about that gorgeous necklace! It’s a perfect complement to the classic lines of the top.

    1. It’s actually an old Stella & Dot purchase from a few years ago. I love a long necklace and this is a great statement making one.

  3. Woohhooo!!! It looks fab-oo!!! You did a wonderful job! Can’t wait to see more DWJ-O’s (DWJ Originals)! 😉

  4. My painstakingly planned projects don’t look as good as your “winging it” projects. Outstanding!

    1. Thanks but no project is ever perfect. I always wish where I add in a ball or weave in ends was a bit smoother but I learn more with every project.

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the yarn! I have made a few sweaters and there is always something not quite right with it! I need to get this book to help me iron out my kinks. I am disappointed though that there is no exact pattern for this. I have not progressed to the point where I don’t need a pattern. But you have inspired me to keep it up, keep knitting.

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