FO: Verso Test Knit

I didn’t want to share my test knit project until the pattern was released and it was finally released this week! So allow me to introduce you to Verso by Alice Caetano and you can see my project page as well.
Verso Test Knit
This is a perfect spring into summer top meant to be knit with a dk weight yarn that isn’t necessarily made with wool so that is has a nice drape to it. I knit mine with the Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Pearl yarn I bought up when they discontinued it – again, every yarn I love gets discontinued. It’s made with bamboo, merino and silk and it creates lovely light and flowy garments (as you’ll remember from this project and this project). I also love that it’s just insanely soft.
Verso Test Knit
The original version was knit in grey but of course when given the opportunity to add a second color I always take it. So I knit the sleeves in the classic red shade I had in my stash and I’m glad I did! This project taught me some new techniques (crocheted cast on) and kept me entertained even while I was in the middle of a sweater knitting road block. But really I agreed to test knit this one because it looked like something I would buy. I love the little shoulder pleat detail. It gives it something special.
Verso Test Knit
Now I’m just waiting for warmer temperatures so I can actually wear this one out! So what are you looking forward to knitting for spring?

4 Replies to “FO: Verso Test Knit”

  1. In doing my yarnventory, I discovered I’d knit the front of a sleeveless shell – the Jordana pattern from Ravelry – so I’m looking forward to knocking that one out. I also have a couple of other knits (Twist Collective’s Azami, for example) that are great spring/summer knits. But it’s still March – don’t talk to me about spring yet. Hah!

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