In My Queue: So Faded

Over the years I’ve learned to never say never because whenever I do, inevitably I end up doing the thing I never said I’d do. Example: when I was in the 5th grade I had to give a presentation about the state of Massachusetts (we lived in North Carolina at the time) and one of the questions you had to answer was would you ever want to move to the state you’re researching? My response…NEVER. We moved there about a year and a half later. That was just the beginning of a long list of things I’d say never to (drinking coffee, going to the same university that my older sisters went to, getting married…) that ended up happening anyway. So when it comes to knitting I am clear about my preferences but have learned to never say never. Another example, I’ve let friends know of my distaste of fingering weight yarn and small needles and then…
Find Your Fade finished
I used 7 skeins of fingering weight yarn and made my Find Your Fade shawl. I loved this project and was okay with it because it was worked up on size 6 needles. I wear this baby nonstop. So yesterday when I saw the So Faded sweater I was conflicted…

So Faded Sweater via Andrea Mowry on Ravelry
So Faded Sweater via Andrea Mowry on Ravelry

Do I really want to knit a fingering weight yarn sweater? But I love color fading…but I prefer dk weight or worsted. And she worked up a pattern for smaller sizes too! What about the kids in my life?! It’s a simple pattern I’m sure I could work it out myself…but I could just buy it and be done with it. And then I saw: Save 15% off of all my Faded patterns – So Faded, So Faded Pint Sized and Find Your Fade with the coupon code FADED! Sale ends 4/19/2017 at midnight EST! The choice was easy, I bought the pattern and pulled the skeins of fingering weight I have in my stash out and this might be one of my preparing for fall sweaters I make. For some reason I have pretty skeins of green yarn in fingering weight I’ve been stashing and this might turn into a gorgeous green sweater for myself and I don’t even have to buy yarn. I’m a sucker for knitting. And if you were thinking about making the Find Your Fade shawl and haven’t bought the pattern get it while she’s having a sale today!

7 Replies to “In My Queue: So Faded”

  1. I’ve been watching the Find Your Fade Fun wondering if I should – my fingering weight projects that get finished are either socks or hats, because the shawls are never big enough for my preference.
    You are such an enabler – in the very best way 🙂

    1. I mean at least if I’m enabling you I’ve telling you when there’s a discount code! LOL

  2. Wooohhhooo!!!! Working with fingering weight to make a sweater, crosses one more thing off your list . . . so glad you’ve finally ‘walked towards the light’ 😉

  3. Oh yes, the never say never. Her newest pattern is very cute. What another great piece you have in your wardrobe. It’s happy colors match your radiant smile.

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