Stitching Status: Progress & Pretty Weekends

Sunday. #HeyJellyGirl #chihuahuasofinstagram
I wish this warm with a crisp start weather would stick around for a while. I love fall but always feel like it gets cut short in the DC area. I did get to wear my lovely green Eden sweater this weekend and got a lot of compliments from strangers. It’s always cool when I say, “thank you, I made it myself” and they get shocked and want to ask a million questions.

This weekend we took the dogs on a long walk around one of the big paths in our neighborhood. This is probably the longest walk we’ve ever taken Jellybean on and we were a little worried her little legs wouldn’t be able to handle it and we’d end up carrying her home. She pleasantly surprised us and trotted along like a champ without stopping to ask to be picked up (she will quickly do so when she has done her business and it’s really cold or really wet outside).


Her goofy little stroll absolutely kills me. Cher walks with purpose and such confidence and Jelly just kind of wanders around and bumps into Cher usually 2 or 3 times. No matter what, they make every day infinitely more fun. And speaking of dogs, I read this article about pets not being children on The Cut blog last week. I don’t call myself a dog mom but I know people (who have children too) that do and it rubbed me the wrong way. Why are we so judgmental these days about other people’s choices in life? To balance that one, I also read this article about how more people need to learn to knit to be better people. Really it’s about stopping people from judging other parents and how knitters and the community on Ravelry seems to be a much nicer and more inclusive community. I’ve said it before that I love how loving the knitting community is and I’ve never been around a more supportive group of women. If only we could apply what happens in the knitting community to the rest of life. Sigh…now to knitting.
Graffiti Bridge WIP
This was my cardigan on Thursday evening. I knew if I could separate for the sleeves by the time I got to the Walking Dead on Sunday I’d be finished with the body and I was right. I was happily binding off the body last night at 10:30pm – now I just have two sleeves to finish and they aren’t full length. And of course despite planning what I want to make for holiday gifts, this sweater popped into my head over the weekend and I’m contemplating if I want to try something new for my Mom. I’m intrigued and the same yarn I would use for the other sweater would work for this too. Decisions, decisions. What should I do?


FO: Eden

My absolute favorite color is green. The perfect green is a true Kelly green, a perfect medium tone of green in all her glory. But honestly, I love green in every shade. So when I was struck by a skein of MJ Yarns in the colorway peacock a few weeks ago I knew it would pair perfectly with a skein of studio worsted from Neighborhood Fiber Co in the colorway Clintonville. And I was right. And I used both these amazing green yarns to make myself a sweater I’m naming Eden, because doesn’t it look like a lush garden in paradise?
Eden sweater
Here’s what I have loved lately in finished garments and helped shape what Eden would become, the drape and lightness of dk or light worsted weight yarns knit on larger needles. Once I knit Cracked Pepper I was kind of hooked. So when I pulled out my gorgeous green skeins I decided that I would knit on size 10 needles and make a sweater again without a pattern because I why not? For this sweater I wanted:

  • Neckline: I didn’t want a v neck but I didn’t want a crew neck either. I went with a circular yoke sweater again (I love the construction) and started by casting on 96 stitches to give myself a wider neckline. I figured if it was too big I’d tighten it up with a garter stitch border but I loved how the rolled neckline turned out.
  • Body: I figured since it’s winter I didn’t want a really fitted sweater, so I did a gradual a-line shape so that it pulled away from the body. It can easily hide my Thanksgiving meal belly. Priorities, folks.

Eden sweater

  • Sleeves: So I’ve learned that knitted sweaters are super warm but I don’t always want to be that cozy. My preferred length is elbow or three quarter length sleeves. This is just beyond my elbow so if I do wear this to a holiday party I won’t feel like I’m overwhelmingly hot from my sweater.
  • Length: I ended up calling the yarn shop and buying the last skein of the Peacock yarn so that I had 3 skeins (215 yards) of it so that I could make this a longer piece and not worry if I had enough for my sleeves. I have a little yarn from both skeins left (the solid was a 400 yard skein) but this would’ve been much shorter if I hadn’t picked up the extra skein. Thanks to my work knitting buddy Lavon for pushing me to pick up that last skein.

Eden sweater
I didn’t think I would like the rolled neckline but once I blocked it and put it on I decided I didn’t want to mess with it. It’s clean and simple. I went with a simple circular yoke doing KFB increases that are pretty seamless and blend in with the yarn. I have contemplated embellishing the top half just a little with some green flat back stones. If I do I’ll post about it but right now I love it in its simplicity.
Eden sweater
This was also my first time trying MJ Yarns and I love how nicely it worked up. I hope it wears just as nicely. I’m itching to wear this one so hopefully I will wear it to work next week. I’m thoroughly enjoying all of the sweater weather we’re having and wish it would stay cool and breezy like this for the next 3 months and we just skip winter entirely.
Eden sweater
So I’ve got another sweater on my needles that I’ve already separated from sleeves that I hope I can get down to the sleeves by Monday (fingers crossed) and then November will mark the beginning of my holiday knits for family!! So what are you working on this weekend?

Stitching Status: Holiday Plans

I realized yesterday that I have exactly 2 months until Christmas. What?! When did this happen? So I cleared out my Ravelry queue and set-up what I want to knit for my family for the holidays. Anything else that happens in the next 8 weeks is just filler. Here’s what’s on my agenda:

Libellula by Cristina Ghirlanda via Ravelry
Libellula by Cristina Ghirlanda via Ravelry

For my Mom I want to make the Libellula by Cristina Ghirlanda in a bright green with a gorgeous deep blue as the contrasting color. When I initially bought the yarn I’m going to use I thought it would be for me but it kept screaming my Mom’s name to me and the pattern calls for Miss Babs and that’s what I have so that’ll make it even easier to get the same results. I think she’ll love it.

Gentle Wake by Cecily Glowik MacDonald via Ravelry

For my sister Anne I want to make Gentle Wake by Cecily Glowik MacDonald with the silver threaded yarn I picked up at Sheep & Wool. Plus I’m thinking of adding a little pop of color to the bottom of it because why keep it all gray?

Brooklin Vest by Elizabeth Smith via Ravelry

For my sister Helen I want to make the Brooklin Vest by Elizabeth Smith. As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I wanted to make this for her and I have the most perfect shade of blue yarn (her favorite color) too. This is a bulky knit so I might get to knock this one out pretty quickly.

Brownstone by Jared Flood via Ravelry

And the last knit, but what might actually be the first project to start is Brownstone by Jared Flood. My husband actually asked me if I could knit a sweater like this for him and of course I can. He also requested navy blue. He’s so particular about what he wants me to knit for him but I love it. I give him what he asks for so that he’ll love it and wear it.

Of course, I cast on something new last night for myself after finishing off another sweater but I’m hoping to finish it by Monday so I can get started on my holidays knits. Oh and what I didn’t include was that I want to knit Jelly a sweater and probably a new one for Cher too since she’s lost some weight! Oh and I’ve got a couple of hats…I’ve got a lot on my list but I think I can get the majority of what I want done. I just have to manage my time and always keep my knitting with me.

Anybody else in the holiday mode too?