Inspirations and Special Requests

My husband is a pretty dapper guy if I do say so myself. He likes to look nice and he has a job where he’s supposed to dress in shirt and tie for the most part. And in the winter he loves a shirt/tie/sweater combo. He loves a good sweater vest or a cardigan and I had plans to make him a shawl collared button up sweater vest this winter but then he sent me this pic from instagram.

I asked him did he want to buy it or was he asking me to make it. He asked if I could make it, I said of course I can, then yes, he was asking me to make it. LOL Okay. My husband is the person who gets the least of my knits just because he never really seems that interested in something for himself but I know he shows people my blog and when I do make him things he shows them off. So whenever he does ask me for something it’s very specific. There’s an almost honeycomb texture to this sweater but what he really wants is the colorblocking (I asked). It reminds him of his NY Giants sweater I made him but this would have less ease and be more polished for work.

I ordered various shade of Berroco Vintage DK and was thinking of making a simple top down raglan but also think a set-in sleeve might be nicer. Once the yarn gets here and I finish my sister’s gift knit I’ll start working on this for him perhaps as a Christmas present. Any pattern suggestions though in the meantime?


FO: NY Giants Sweater

It’s hard to believe that January is almost over and I’m still not finished sharing December’s finished objects! Oh and I’ve completed three sweaters so far in January, so it’s not like I’m slacking.
Ultimate fan sweater
My last sweater of 2016 was for my husband and of course it wasn’t the one he had originally requested. That’s kind of what happens with me and knitting. I knit was gets me excited at the moment. This sweater wasn’t in the plan but I was wearing this sweater:
Color blocked Lesley
My Colorblocked Lesley and I kept thinking about how soft it was that day at work. And when I looked at myself in the mirror I thought if I just replaced the green with red, this would be a perfect NY Giants sweater for Kenny. I asked him if he’d wear a Giants themed sweater and he said of course (mind you this was after the hat I already made him). I still had leftover skeins of Mighty Stitch worsted in blue and white so I decided to whip up the Tea with Bread and Jam sweater (side note: this pattern name makes me think of this book we read a million times when I was a child) and I ordered some red to be the main color of the sweater. The only alternation I made to this pattern was to omit the pockets. I didn’t think he’d care about that little detail.
Giants sweater
I also found on Ebay a large vintage NY Giants patch that I thought would really pull it all together. I don’t know if the patch is authentic but it sure is cool and he loves it on the sweater. Right now it’s on with fabric fusion glue but I plan to hand sew it permanently into place on the chest.
Ultimate fan sweater
The end result was a really happy husband who has another cool NY Giants themed hand knit to add to his collection. And I love the sweater pattern so next I need to make one in a fun color combination for myself. It’s a great casual weekend piece.

Life in Pieces

Life has been hectic for me lately to say the least. I typically thrive under chaos but I’m finding myself longing for more and more leisurely days with a lot less dust in my house. Lately I’ve been swamped at my day job, overloaded with grading homework and preparing lectures for my class and just for fun we decided to start a kitchen renovation…while my husband was out of the country for work.
The latest update on the kitchen, as of last night I have floors again! It’s the little things that make me happy at this point. Mind you, in total the major work of this renovation will have only taken about 2 weeks but I’ve crammed a lot into such a shortened timeline. My husband is coming home just in time for cabinet installation and hopefully by Sunday I will have my appliances hooked back up again so I can COOK! Oh how I miss cooking my own food.
Since my kitchen has been in pieces I decided it was time to try to knit a seamed sweater for the first time. I signed up for a Sweater Study at my favorite yarn shop, Fibre Space. The owner Danielle is going to lead us through the construction of a sweater of our choosing in 3 classes over a 4 week period and I decided on Sawyer from Brooklyn Tweed.
Sawyer Sweater via Brooklyn Tweed
I swatched my yarn, a gorgeous Cascade 220 Superwash in a brilliant blue, and started on the back piece. I’m pretty perfect on gauge and I’m loving the feel and lightness of the yarn in addition to the texture of the stitch.
I picked this color because of this sweater my husband owned years ago that I bought him. I loved the color on him and when it got a hole in the elbow we were both sad to say goodbye to this and I haven’t found a sweater with as vibrant a color since. I’m hoping my sweater will help fill that void in his wardrobe. So now, the stitching begins on his Sawyer and I’m hoping to make something really special for someone who is very special to me. But don’t worry, I’m sure there will be some smaller projects in between knitting this one. Sometimes I have to switch projects up to keep my mind fresh.

Any tips for seamed sweaters? I don’t know why these have intimated me for so long but I’m hoping it turns out really nice when I’m finished with it.