Stitching Status: Shades of Blue Sweater

I’ve made good progress this week! I finally stopped feeling like I was going to pass out on the couch every night at 8:30pm and have gotten in some good knitting on my husband’s sweater.
Kendell’s sweater
I started the second to last shade of blue last night! You can’t see it as well here since it’s barely an inch but it’s a deeper shade of the bright blue with flecks of red in it and the next color is an inky dark navy blue. At dk weight on size 6 needles I’ve got about 300 stitches and am just knitting plain stockinette in the round. Sometimes that’s great because I can knit blindly without looking at it but sometimes I feel like it’s lulling me to sleep.
Jellybean and Kendell’s sweater
In addition to taking breaks because it can get a bit monotonous, Jellybean loves to stand on/lay on this sweater.
Jellybean and Kendell’s sweater
It has so much dog hair on it and I don’t even bother trying to rub it off because I know inevitably she’s going to hop in my lap and lay across it and demand a bit of attention. She’s definitely a tiny diva at times.

So that’s my progress update, what are you working on?

4 Replies to “Stitching Status: Shades of Blue Sweater”

  1. You’re going to have to make Jellybean a sweater to match with the leftover yarn! All I’m knitting now is small Christmas presents–hats and mittens and I’ll be blocking some scarves that I have made in the past and never get around to blocking and giving.

    1. Well since Jellybean already has a sweater that matches mine, the plan is to make Cher a sweater to match this one so we can take family photos. But i have a feeling I’ll have a lot of yarn leftover so they might all get matching sweaters!

  2. I love those shades or is it hues of blue. He is one lucky man. I can’t imagine knitting a sweater for my husband. He likes things loose and wears a large or XL. I would go crazy with that around and around and around for the body.

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