Knitting by the Numbers & Planning

First, thanks everybody for the well wishes with our newest family member. Jellybean, or Jelly is settling in and slowly we’re figuring it all out. In just a few short days we’ve already done a lot AND added bonus I discovered she knows how to do her business on an indoor potty patch! YAY! Now I don’t have to worry about her needing a midday potty break. I’ve never been so happy to see a yellow pee stain (of course in the correct place) in my life. LOL And she has decided that next to Cher is where she has to be during the day. I check on them on the security camera and when she isn’t walking around and exploring she’s right underneath Cher. Check out the view from the security camera, that’s Jelly on the left and Cher on the right.
Okay, back to the knitting talk…

As you all know, I love knitting. I really do. It’s the thing that helps all the other stuff buzzing in my brain quiet down. I am aware that I’m a fast knitter and I think I’m a good knitter and pick good patterns and even better yarn to compliment the projects. I was browsing through my Ravelry project page the other day and started looking at my numbers. In 2015 I had 45 finished objects. 45! That’s a lot of knitting to accomplish in a year.
Ravelry page of DWJ1978
So far this year? 35 finished objects!
Ravelry Projects for DWJ1978
I was a little shocked because I have a long list of what I want to finish between now and the end of the year and it includes a couple of adult sized sweaters (about 6) and lots of kids stuff for godchildren and new babies on the way. I thought I was definitely lagging behind in terms of what I could produce, clearly I’m not paying enough attention and yes, I am apparently a knitting machine. And yet I still feel like I won’t get everything finished that I want to, especially this month since I’ve got two dogs I’m attempting to bond with and that’s clearly a bigger priority. And let’s not forget all my GRE studying either, no matter how much I’d like to forget about having to study. I bring all this up because I don’t want to be overwhelmed by knitting, it’s supposed to be the thing that calms me when I’m stressed. Or perhaps I’m always stressed and that’s why I knit so much? I’m not really sure. So I’m curious, what do you do to manage your projects? 

My Ravelry queue changes every day. I’ve had a sweater in my queue for a good year that is probably a quick knit and just hasn’t made it onto my needles yet. I keep pushing it aside for other projects and then I keep finding great patterns I want to make next! It’s like I have knitting ADD. So how do you determine what will or won’t get knit? I’m curious and looking for a way to keep what I love in order.

What to Knit Next?

I love to organize and clean – it’s calming. So last weekend when I was stepping away from the TV and social media I bought new storage drawers from my happy place, the  Container Store and reorganized my yarn. I needed sturdy bins that wouldn’t break or a wheel pop off whenever I was pulling a drawer out to find my yarn. Plus, I needed to actually look at what I have and start my planning. I don’t have any need to buy more yarn (although Fibre Space is having an anniversary sale this weekend and Neighborhood Fiber Co. next weekend…I’m constantly being tempted) so as I was going through my stash I started to really think about what I want to knit and wear for the fall and what I want to make for close family/friends. I know I talked about a complex cable sweater made with my favorite shade of green but I think I’m going to take that gorgeous green yarn and make the Fable cardigan with it.

Fable Cardigan image via Ravelry
Fable Cardigan image via Ravelry

What I really want is a shawl collared cardigan in a color I love that I can wear all the time. And I mean wear it all the time. I fear I might get sick of cables and other patterns so I’m thinking of keeping it simple to make it more of a timeless piece. Plus I’ve got these amazing green buttons that look like gems that will be an awesome highlight to add.

Libellula cardigan image via Ravelry
Libellula cardigan image via Ravelry

I also have a lot of yarn where I have one or two skeins in a contrasting color. I think the Libellula would be perfect for it. It’s from the same designer who made the Cala Luna sweater I love and I have some great Miss Babs (the suggested yarn) in a bright green and then fun variegated skein that would be great for the contrasting panel. I have the Deep Water cardigan pattern in my library too, which is a similar shape so you may see another cardigan done with this same shape but in worsted weight.
Sheep and Wool haul
I honestly have so much yarn that I don’t need anything else but I’m always so tempted when I see something beautiful to add it to my stash. It’s just too fun exploring the possibilities of what I can make.

What’s in your queue to make for yourself for fall?

Stitching Status: Bragita Update & Queue Creation

First, thanks everyone for the well wishes on my 13th anniversary. I still can’t believe I have been married that long and yet it doesn’t seem long enough. But I guess when you want to be with someone for a lifetime, 13 years is a drop in the bucket. I love that guy a lot 🙂 Okay, on to knitting!
Bragita progress
I know I’m supposed to get better about taking photos while I’m in progress on my knitting but that requires me to get up and find either my good camera or my cell phone. I’m one of those people who comes home and puts her cell phone on a base by the front door and forgets about it until the next morning. And my iPad takes crappy pictures (see above). I say all of this to say, Bragita is almost finished and I barely photographed it…oops!
She is laid out on the floor with a fan drying while I’m at work today. I’ll have to pick up and knit the neckline – which I’m a little worried about because it is so low – and then sew up the peplum and gaps under the arm. I know the original pattern photos shows the neckline pretty low so just know I’ll probably be wearing this one with a tank/camisole underneath which is fine. Pre-blocking I tried it on and it fit me nicely at the top so I just hope I have enough give around my midsection and it’s not too snug. This is definitely an interesting piece to knit and so my style so I’m hoping it turns out nicely once it’s finished.
I’ve also got some swatching to do! My almost 15 year old godson asked for orange wool socks to keep his feet warm. I popped into Fibre Space and asked if they had a crazy bright orange superwash yarn and it just so happened they just got in a shipment of Neighborhood Fiber Co Studio Worsted in Otterbein, which is insanely bright. Plus this kid wears a size 12 shoe so I need to make a large sock and I needed the yardage and I didn’t want him to have to hand wash socks. This totally fit the bill. And you’ll see in my knitting basket a skein of the Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Emerald Mix for my Brooklyn Tweed Sweater I want to make over the summer. I’m super excited to swatch it out and get started. But I think up next will be a short sleeved sweater with the really pretty Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Worsted in Fells Point I picked up at Maryland Sheep and Wool. My office is FREEZING and I need another layer for my lighter summer wardrobe. I’m thinking about knitting this cardigan next. So that’s my status and hopefully Friday I can share a FO of the Bragita – fingers crossed! What’s in your queue?