In My Queue: So Faded

Over the years I’ve learned to never say never because whenever I do, inevitably I end up doing the thing I never said I’d do. Example: when I was in the 5th grade I had to give a presentation about the state of Massachusetts (we lived in North Carolina at the time) and one of the questions you had to answer was would you ever want to move to the state you’re researching? My response…NEVER. We moved there about a year and a half later. That was just the beginning of a long list of things I’d say never to (drinking coffee, going to the same university that my older sisters went to, getting married…) that ended up happening anyway. So when it comes to knitting I am clear about my preferences but have learned to never say never. Another example, I’ve let friends know of my distaste of fingering weight yarn and small needles and then…
Find Your Fade finished
I used 7 skeins of fingering weight yarn and made my Find Your Fade shawl. I loved this project and was okay with it because it was worked up on size 6 needles. I wear this baby nonstop. So yesterday when I saw the So Faded sweater I was conflicted…

So Faded Sweater via Andrea Mowry on Ravelry
So Faded Sweater via Andrea Mowry on Ravelry

Do I really want to knit a fingering weight yarn sweater? But I love color fading…but I prefer dk weight or worsted. And she worked up a pattern for smaller sizes too! What about the kids in my life?! It’s a simple pattern I’m sure I could work it out myself…but I could just buy it and be done with it. And then I saw: Save 15% off of all my Faded patterns – So Faded, So Faded Pint Sized and Find Your Fade with the coupon code FADED! Sale ends 4/19/2017 at midnight EST! The choice was easy, I bought the pattern and pulled the skeins of fingering weight I have in my stash out and this might be one of my preparing for fall sweaters I make. For some reason I have pretty skeins of green yarn in fingering weight I’ve been stashing and this might turn into a gorgeous green sweater for myself and I don’t even have to buy yarn. I’m a sucker for knitting. And if you were thinking about making the Find Your Fade shawl and haven’t bought the pattern get it while she’s having a sale today!

In My Queue: Summer Staples

Winter barely came and now it’s gone. So that means I’m on to thinking about my spring/summer knits! I’ve been excited thinking about what I want but also trying to strategically think about what I NEED in my wardrobe that I can make for myself. I’ve even been tempted to pull out my sewing machine because all I ever wear is the same a line dress all summer long with a sweater. We shall see. So I thought I’d share what patterns have caught my eye as I plan out my knit series of knitted items for myself.

Rainbow sweater
Rainbow sweater via Free People

I saw this Rainbow Sweater on Free People’s website. It’s happy and cheery but it’s also $200. Nope.
Instead I popped on over to Fibre Space and picked up several colors of Berroco’s Pima 100 worsted weight yarn and I intend to make an inspired by version of this sweater in short sleeves for summer. I think it’s a saddle shoulder style and I’m been itching to make another one of those so I just might start with an orange saddle on the shoulders and go from there.

Cosette via Ravelry

Second on my list is Cosette. This is actually a pattern from the Berroco Pima 100 collection so I could buy more of that yarn but I’m also tempted to buy some of the modal/pima mix yarn on Knit Picks while it’s on sale this month. I love that it’s a simple tee but with a rounded hem. It has a classic look so I could make it in a lovely white or go with a super bright pink or a great yellow. I haven’t made up my mind yet on what color.

Radian Yolk Tee
Radian Yolk Tee via Ravelry

For a little bit of interest, I was thinking about making the Radian Yoke Tee. I think it would be a great basic but with a cool open design at the yoke. Again, also not sure about what color to make this one.

Myrna cardigan via Ravelry

I always need a cardigan for my sleeveless dresses and I was considering making the Myrna cardigan in white. I need an updated white cardigan for summer and this might be the perfect little option. I was also thinking about making my Sea Grass cardigan again but in all white this time.
Togue Pond #3
And last but not least, what about another Togue Pond tank? You know I love this pattern and it’s a perfect summer top made with Berroco Modern Cotton. So that’s what I’m thinking about for my spring/summer wardrobe. Is anyone else planning too?

Knitting by the Numbers & Planning

First, thanks everybody for the well wishes with our newest family member. Jellybean, or Jelly is settling in and slowly we’re figuring it all out. In just a few short days we’ve already done a lot AND added bonus I discovered she knows how to do her business on an indoor potty patch! YAY! Now I don’t have to worry about her needing a midday potty break. I’ve never been so happy to see a yellow pee stain (of course in the correct place) in my life. LOL And she has decided that next to Cher is where she has to be during the day. I check on them on the security camera and when she isn’t walking around and exploring she’s right underneath Cher. Check out the view from the security camera, that’s Jelly on the left and Cher on the right.
Okay, back to the knitting talk…

As you all know, I love knitting. I really do. It’s the thing that helps all the other stuff buzzing in my brain quiet down. I am aware that I’m a fast knitter and I think I’m a good knitter and pick good patterns and even better yarn to compliment the projects. I was browsing through my Ravelry project page the other day and started looking at my numbers. In 2015 I had 45 finished objects. 45! That’s a lot of knitting to accomplish in a year.
Ravelry page of DWJ1978
So far this year? 35 finished objects!
Ravelry Projects for DWJ1978
I was a little shocked because I have a long list of what I want to finish between now and the end of the year and it includes a couple of adult sized sweaters (about 6) and lots of kids stuff for godchildren and new babies on the way. I thought I was definitely lagging behind in terms of what I could produce, clearly I’m not paying enough attention and yes, I am apparently a knitting machine. And yet I still feel like I won’t get everything finished that I want to, especially this month since I’ve got two dogs I’m attempting to bond with and that’s clearly a bigger priority. And let’s not forget all my GRE studying either, no matter how much I’d like to forget about having to study. I bring all this up because I don’t want to be overwhelmed by knitting, it’s supposed to be the thing that calms me when I’m stressed. Or perhaps I’m always stressed and that’s why I knit so much? I’m not really sure. So I’m curious, what do you do to manage your projects? 

My Ravelry queue changes every day. I’ve had a sweater in my queue for a good year that is probably a quick knit and just hasn’t made it onto my needles yet. I keep pushing it aside for other projects and then I keep finding great patterns I want to make next! It’s like I have knitting ADD. So how do you determine what will or won’t get knit? I’m curious and looking for a way to keep what I love in order.