Currently in the Queue: I Need More Hands

Have you seen this t-shirt in the Shelli Can shop? I feel like I need more hands so that I could knit while doing other things.
I’m knitting a lot and also getting super excited about things I want to make so I thought I’d map out what’s current in the queue and what’s coming up:

  • FINISHED: Nothing since the Rose Gold Togue Pond Tank but I’m only midway through July so I’ve got time to create a few finished objects before the month is over.
  • IN PROGRESS: This is where things get interesting. I’ve currently got 3 projects on my needles right now!!
    • A secret test knit. I can only show you the color palette pictured above. It’s a pullover and it has 3 colors. I went with a heathered blue color, a rusty pumpkin shade and then a soft peach. I kind of love the mix and can’t wait to see the finished object on me. I’m almost finished with the body and hope to be finished by Sunday night.
    • A sweater for my sister, Anne. I’m working on a super cozy and soft yellow cardigan for my sister Anne to take to her freezing office. It’s a bulky knit and is working up quickly but I stopped to get this test knit finished.
    • My pieces blanket. I’m up to 6 squares out of 81. LOL But I love how it’s really a mindless knit that I can pick up whenever I’m in the mood. Oh and thanks for all the tips. I totally plan to seam it as I go along. Once I get 9 blocks in 1 color I’ll seam them together.
  • ANTICIPATING: I didn’t plan on it but I agreed to another test knit! It’s due in early September and it’s by designer Alice Caetano. You may remember the last test knit I did for her was Verso. I always love her construction techniques and it looks like it will be a nice versatile cardigan that I can throw on over anything and I’m doing it in a solid and fairly neutral color (gasp, I know).
  • ON HOLD: My Kangarullover. In the corner of my living room I have a bag filled with that project and the yarn for it. I’d say I’m 60% finished with it but it was one of those projects I needed to take a break from. Maybe I’ll try to finish it off in August.

I should also note I’m really wanting to knit my second Tecumseh but in wool because I have a super full color palette and I have plans for the leftover yarn. I also want to make another Guthrie in long sleeve (but still in cotton) AND I’ve got some other yummy yarns in my stash I want to dig into. Now you see why I want more hands so I can knit all the time?
And in other news, Jellybean is going to dog training over the next month so our evenings are spent working on her sit, stay and come commands. It’s totally cutting into my knitting time but this little ball of sass needs some manners. LOL


Currently in the Queue: Too Many Things

I don’t know how June seems to be flying by and before I know it summer will be over. I’M NOT READY! And as summer keeps moving on my queue keeps getting longer and longer of what I want to make. Add on me casting on projects when they tickle my fancy and well…that explains why I never get everything I want accomplished.
I know I keep putting my Togue Pond Tank to the side but I think it’s because I know it will knit up quickly. Maybe this weekend I will give it the attention it needs. In the meantime, I’ve separated for sleeves on my cotton Guthrie and am going to try it on this evening to make sure it has enough stretch to get over my head. I’ll be so sad if it’s too tight because it’s working up so nicely. But this is one gamble of knitting colorwork with cotton and isn’t there always a lesson in each project?
But can we just talk about how much I love seeing the neat floats on the inside of colorwork? It makes my heart sing. I’m mildly obsessed with Guthrie and I swear this is the face Cher gives me when I’m super focused on that sweater when I should be focused on her.

“Lady, belly rubs need to be happening right now.”

And this is the face Jellybean gives me every time I tell her about something else I’m adding to my queue.

“WHHHHAT?! You’re crazy lady.”

I’m also still thinking about doing a knitalong of the Tecumseh sweater, maybe starting in early September? I can slow down and work on it at a reasonable pace and show progress and share your pics of your progress too. I don’t have any prizes or anything, it’s just a pattern I love and many of you have shown interest in wanting to make it too so I thought we’d do it together. Still interested? What hashtag could we create to make sharing easy? I’ve already decided what colors I will use and I’ve stashed them away. Clearly I’m excited about colorwork.

Currently in the Queue: It Won’t Stop Raining

Dotted rays
It won’t stop raining. It has been so grey and wet around my neck of the woods. I’m over it! But with my husband traveling and the rainy weather that has given me more reason to snuggle on the couch and knit. So I thought I’d give you an idea of what’s in my queue right now.

  • FINISHED: My test knit! Woohoo. After what seemed to be an endless amount of stockinette I’ve finished my secret test knit. I don’t know when I’ll be able to share pics but it’s a good one.
  • IN PROGRESS: Dotted Rays, pictured above. I squished it down for the photo but I’m almost finished with this baby. I’ve got 2 more sections and I should be casting off. I may just sit down and finish it over the weekend but…
  • ANTICIPATING: Durumi for spring. I’ve really been itching to get on with some of my summer knitting because I know the temps are about to turn up for real. I know my gauge and I’m reading to wind my yarn and start on my Durumi this weekend.
  • ON HOLD: Still leaving my spring jacket on hold. Perhaps I’ll pick her back up in August.