FO: A Trio of Rainbow Tecumsehs

This might be the happiest trio of knits I’ve made to date. I love a good rainbow and I love my dogs so when I combined dogs, rainbows and hand knits I knew it would be a great combo. I’m happy to say I completed my trio of Tecumseh sweaters and couldn’t be happier. And let me say that taking pictures of dogs is sooooo hard. LOL
Rainbow Tecumsehs
First up, let’s talk about my Rainbow Tecumseh sweater. After knitting my cotton version I knew I wanted the body of my next Tecumseh sweater to be longer. I also thought it would be fun to make the pattern into a rainbow. I ended up settling with the body in a lovely navy blue Miss Babs Yowza in McHales. If you haven’t used Yowza you really should give it a try, I love how soft it is and that you can machine wash it. I was able to knit all the way to the end of the dark purple colorwork before my skein of Yowza ended. I love gigantic skeins of yarn. And for the rainbow I used the following colors:

  • Red: Berroco Vintage DK Sour Cherry
  • Orange: Berroco Vintage DK Orange
  • Yellow: Berroco Vintage DK Banane
  • Green: Berroco Vintage DK Holly
  • Blue: Berroco Vintage DK Blue Note
  • Indigo/Purple: Simplicity by Hikoo in Red Hat Purple
  • Violet: Berroco Vintage DK Aster
  • White: Berroco Vintage DK Snow Day

Rainbow TecumsehsI was unsure how I was going to keep the rainbow going to extend it but I swapped out the lavender I was originally going to use for a deeper purple in my stash and then went with lavender and white for the final colors. I couldn’t be happier. I also knit this sweater in a medium this time around, which is closer to my natural bust size so I wouldn’t have a sweater with a ton of ease. And for the dog versions I broke the rainbows in half. You saw the details on Jellybean’s  Tecumseh last week.
Rainbow Tecumsehs
For Cher’s I decided to go with red for the main color of her sweater, I was going to do the pale yellow but wanted a bolder pop for her sweater. She wasn’t super interested in taking photos even after giving her treats so that’s why you see her resting her head on my arms. My sweet girl is 14 years old and likes things her way and I don’t like to fuss with her too much. With age, she’s earned that right.
Rainbow Tecumsehs
But to my surprise I turned around and she was sitting nicely with Jellybean posing in her sweater so I got to snap a few pics. I love these little dogs so much.
Rainbow Tecumsehs
And Jellybean, well she’s always down for photos and snuggles. I sent my husband these pics and he said this should just be our Christmas card without him! LOL But I’m working on something for him for winter that will probably be what he wears for our holiday pics. I couldn’t be more tickled by these sweaters and I love seeing what color combos everyone else is coming up with in our Raverly group too! Come and join in on the Tecumseh fun!


FO: A Teeny Tiny Tecumseh

I’ve been super busy and finished up my Mom’s birthday knit and a really awesome test knit I’ll get to share this week. So I’m back on my Tecumseh knitting mojo. And so this weekend I decided since I had so little left to go I needed to finish Jellybean’s Teeny Tiny Tecumseh sweater.
Beanie was NOT interested in letting me take real pictures this weekend so these are as good as they will get. LOL Since knitting a sweater for a 6lb chihuahua doesn’t leave me a ton of surface area you may notice I had to alter the leaf pattern a bit from the standard Tecumseh chart. You still get the general idea of what it looks like.
I was also proud of myself because I used short rows this time to shape the shorter front and make the back a bit longer and curve around her body!
I think that’s probably what I’m most proud of with this one. I used the same colors of the rainbow that are in my sweater and decided to make her body in the lavender color I was originally going to use for my purple but swapped out for a darker shade. And since I can only fit four colors on a dog sweater, Cher’s version will start with blue and go into red and the main body will be light blue.
For the most part my knitting bores her. Clearly. But it was so chilly this weekend that I felt extra motivated to get her in this. We even went for a little car ride and she was nice and cozy in her sweater (Cher is fine with just a t-shirt layer on right now, but once it gets in the 30s we put sweaters on her too).
And even though my husband calls her a tiny grandma in her hand knits I think she’s cozy and cute as pie. Totally worth the time and effort. And I’m knocking out the sleeves on my version so I can finish up my trio of Tecumsehs!

Sneak Peek: Mom’s Bday Present

I put a few things aside this weekend and worked on finishing my mom’s birthday present.
Cher and Jellybean both assisted.
And now all that’s left are the billion stitches I have to do an i-cord bindoff.
The goal is to finish it off tonight and block it so that by tomorrow evening it will be dry. Say a little prayer for me.