Starting Tecumseh

It feels like forever ago since I wrote here but it really hasn’t been. I’ve been slow to respond to comments and I apologize. I’ve been away! I just got back from Las Vegas on Tuesday morning and I’m ready to dive into the Tecumseh Knitalong! If you haven’t already, join the Yards of Happiness Ravelry group (you can join the group even if you don’t plan to knitalong, there will be other threads there eventually).
Jellybean helped me pull out my rainbow palette of yarn to take a picture to share with the group last night. Really, after not seeing me for 6 days there was no way possible I was going to do anything without her yesterday. She was stuck to me like glue! My base color with be Miss Babs Yowza in McHale, a deep navy blue and then I’ve created a rainbow with Berroco Vintage DK!

A couple of common questions I’ve been asked about the #TecumsehwithDWJ Knitalong:

  • Timeline: I wanted us to start around Labor Day (some folks in the group have already made great progress!) but I don’t have a solid end date. I know I fly through sweaters but some people don’t. I’d say, let’s see what we can finish before December.
  • Tips: I’ve been asked a couple of questions but I also saw that while I was away and people had questions they shared with the groups everyone was happy to jump in and assist. Ask away because everyone can give you help and suggestions.
  • Sharing: Share pics in the group and on social media! Add the #TecumsehwithDWJ hashtag to your project pages and your posts so I can see them! And I’ll share my progress and yours as we go along!

If you’re just starting to swatch, that’s great! If you’re already on your first round of colorwork, fantastic! There isn’t any pressure or push, I just wanted a group to knit along with me. Happy knitting you guys!


I Survived the First Day

I’ve been super focused on preparing for school but I survived! I’ve been knitting on some test knits and my rainbow brioche in between but I decided I needed a new sign for my office door with my class hours. I had a brilliant idea to put Cher and Jellybean in their new Howard University t-shirts in front of my blue wall and put the text above their heads…things didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. Jellybean in her HU shirt
Jellybean kept wanting to turn around towards me and the treat. I was standing to her left and in front of her. LOL And Cher…
Cher in HU gear
She wasn’t having it. This was the ONLY picture that I got of her before she walked away, went upstairs and got into bed. HA! I didn’t get them together but what I got of Jellybean was good enough to make my new door sign. I’m making my office all nice and filling it with things I love to see since I don’t have a window. But I’m so happy to be there, my first day went great. Thanks for being patient while I get adjusted to my new schedule. I’ll share more soon!

An Interview with Pom Pom Quarterly

You remember that tiny sweater that caused a bit of buzz on Instagram?
Well the team at Pom Pom Quarterly were so utterly tickled by it they wanted to get to know me more. They asked me if I’d be up for a Skype interview for their latest podcast and I obliged. I really do love Pom Pom. I used to work in publishing (and was a former yearbook editor) so I really have a lot of respect for what this small team of women are able to put together throughout the year and I’m always waiting on pins and needles for the latest issue. You can listen to the latest episode below or subscribe to their podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! Enjoy.

Durumi tees