FO: Ali’s Sweater

When the Ali’s Sweater (Ravelry Link) pattern was released and I saw all the test knits on Instagram, I instantly knew a yarn color combo I was holding onto was going to be PERFECT for this sweater. I’ve had this Knitty and Color Ain’t It Fun tucked away for a few years waiting for the perfect project.

Ali sweater

When I bought a sweater quantity of La Bien Aimee Merino DK in Aimee’s sweater, I knew these two would be a perfect pair. My trick sometimes with pairing rainbows and other colors is if I can pull the exact color out and match it to another yarn it’ll work and this was definitely going to work.

Ali sweater
I pulled the yarn out to wind it and next I thing I know Kiwi is having a blast with this skein. Oh puppies.

I decided this would be my Rhinebeck sweater because I was so excited and happy to knit this one. I think I knit rainbows and color a lot because it always makes me smile. This pattern was a fun one to knit because it was a top down raglan construction with colorwork mixed in. I opted to not do the folded over collar because I always find those are bit too suffocating for me but otherwise I followed this pattern to the letter with the split hems and final contrast color. It was a really fun and satisfying knit and I love seeing all the other color combos people came up with.

Ali sweater

I also love sewing in a label when I have finished knitting and have blocked my project. I’ve got a bunch of labels I purchased from my friend Shelli of Shelli Can but you can also find cute custom labels on Etsy and from other small sellers.

Ali sweater

I haven’t knit the dogs any matching sweaters and they were both all over this one so I may consider knitting Jellybean a coordinating one during my winter break because I have leftover yarn. Since Kiwi is a big yarn chewer right now I’ve decided whatever sweater I knit her first sweater will be simple because she will most likely chew it up.

9 Replies to “FO: Ali’s Sweater”

  1. it!! Your sweaters are always so inspiring! Looks great on you

  2. I am 😢 I missed seeing you at Rhinebeck. I love this sweater. Jellybean will look so cute. Kiwi is so cute and funny. I plan to knit for my little ones. I Keep buying yarn thinking the color will look great on them.😂😂😄😄 at the moment have got cheap sweaters for my puppies cause they are wrestling and chewing each other’s sweaters. I hope once they are adults and stop teething I can start dressing them. I so identify with you regarding Kiwi chomping on a sweater.

  3. Perfect! And that happy yellow works great with jeans! You’ve got me thinking about dog sweater labels. The Rhinebeck one would be cute/funny, Or how about “Doggone It,!” Or “My dog ate my sweater” just for Kiwi., Or just ‘“Arff!”. Short and to the point. (Sorry, I’m in a punny mood just now. Probably not worth the trouble). Chloe

  4. Launched Flickr unintentionally and spent a happy breakfast and beyond enjoying your photographs and your work. I would not have seen the potential in that skein and really admire your vision!

  5. Your use of color is so over the top! I love it and find your work inspiring. Thanks for sharing

  6. Such a beautiful project. You have the best instincts about how to use color. Love it!

  7. As usual, Dana, your color choice for the body of this sweater hits the spot. Call it Limoncello. Yum!

  8. Love this sweater, Dana. Beautiful choices of colour, and beautifully knit.

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