FO: Spring Sorrel for Knit Stars

After my knitting break this summer I knew I needed to get my knitting in gear because I was going to be filming for Knit Stars. After working with Geraldine of The Wandering Flock yarn and creating the Jellybean colorway I wanted to pick a pattern that people could knit and easily turn into a dog sweater. Nothing too complex (so no cables or intricate colorwork) but it still needed to have some visual interest and be a fun knit to make. I decided on the Spring Sorrel by Wool and Pine Knits (Ravelry link). You can see my version here and Jellybean’s version here (both on Raverly).

Spring Sorrel

The yoke detail was an interesting stitch pattern that was simple to memorize and easy to work with when making a smaller yoke for your dog. It took me a second to get up the courage to knit it after feeling like my brain wasn’t functioning at 100% but once I got into the groove with it, I didn’t want to stop! I also made the body on my sweater a little longer so it hits me at my natural waist. That is the beauty of top down knits, you can customize them easier.

Spring Sorrel

Added bonus, I think variegated yarns look best in reverse stockinette stitch and that’s what this sweater is all about. So I got to highlight the yarn and the pattern was a winner.

Spring Sorrel

I actually knit 1.5 sweaters for Jellybean. The one that she wears and then half a sweater to use as an example during filming. It’s so darn tiny and cute and the yarn is so soft. I think you’ll learn a lot from this class if you want to knit for your dogs or even adapt patterns for children sizes.

Spring Sorrel

Knit Stars sales close this week (October 28) and then the premiere is on October 31! Thanks to everyone who has signed up, I appreciate the support. I can’t wait for you to see it.

5 Replies to “FO: Spring Sorrel for Knit Stars”

  1. Hello Sunshine, I’m so very happy to see and Jellybean doing well♥️

  2. My favorite picture of Jellybean ever, posing in the instruction version! So glad your teaching will be available through Stars.

  3. I agree with you about reverse stockinette and variegated yarns! Looking forward to October 31!

  4. I have been daydreaming about knitting a sweater for my dog for the past month! I feel like happening upon your blog is the sign I needed! His will be a grandpa style cardigan, I think. Wish me luck!

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