FO: Sweetheart Sweater

Today I’ve got finished object pics of Jellybean’s Sweetheart Sweater! And I have to say, she makes sweaters look so stinking cute. She’s getting better at sitting and waiting patiently for me to take pictures, she’s growing up.

Sweetheart sweater

When I was knitting the Sweet Heart Hat last week for my friend I kept looking at the hearts thinking that it would be adorable as a sweater for Jellybean. I do call her my little love bug, she’s super cuddly and sweet.


Exhibit A, she’s forever in my lap. Always asking to be carried and loves nuzzling in my neck for a hug.


And at her whopping 6.5lbs (and she could lose a pound), her hairless belly and bald spot head make her always cold. Sweaters for this one are necessary so it’s a good thing I know how to knit!

Sweetheart sweater

I used the leftover Mighty Stitch worsted weight yarn from the hat and used up almost all of the pomegranate color for her little sweater.

Sweetheart sweater

To create this I used my same formula for creating dog sweaters I always do. I got gauge and then used it to figure out the key stitch counts for the neckline, chest and then where I would separate for sleeves. I keep the sleeves simple and short because she’s got long legs and sometimes they get tangled up in a longer sleeve.

Sweetheart sweater

And I did the short row shaping around the back for a nice finish. I’m happy, she’s warm and extra adorable. What else could I ask for?

19 Replies to “FO: Sweetheart Sweater”

  1. Didn’t think it was possible but you’ve outdone yourself! My favorite sweater!

    1. I think this one might be my favorite too. My best friend Steven already asked if Sophie can have a navy blue version.

  2. Jellybean is turning into a great model. Her sweater is absolutely adorable!

  3. She is so stinking cute. I can hardly stand it! Feeling like I might dive in and try knitting a dog sweater. You make it sound so easy!

  4. This is a cuteness overload; like, I’m alone in my house going, “awwwww!” Out loud. You have some serious fitting skill, too. I’ve made one sweater for my Boston, and it could easily accommodate two Bostons…I swear I measured, checked the gauge…Thanks for sharing this! Maybe I’ll try again…

  5. Such a beautiful sweater for a wonderful little friend! I’ve made two sweaters for my friend’s two little dogs, and every one of your dog sweater pictures makes me itch to make them more!

  6. Can this lil sweetie like get any cuter?! Brava on this adorable sweater & many thanks for including your thought processes on the how-to’s. My Izzy is not a cuddler & reacts to my dressing-her-attempts as though I’m torturing her with much snorting & stiff legs. One day, I hope to knit for my fur babies, too.😘

  7. I love Jellybeans sweater. I’m still working on the hat.

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