In My Queue: Who Have I Become?

I’ve bought yarn and patterns recently that are not my normal…I’m talking about fingering weight projects! Whenever someone says ‘oh you knit so fast,’ I usually respond with the fact that I knit dk weight or heavier projects so they’re quicker. But lately I’ve been wanting to knit with…fingering weight yarn.

Love Note in progress

First it started with the Love Note sweater by TinCan Knits. I kept seeing it and wanting to knit it, so I paused my summer knits and whipped one up (I’ve got to take pics of it this week). But this is a fingering weight sweater knit on size 10 needles, it’s like dipping my toe in the fingering weight sweater water. But here’s the thing, I love how light this felt. And actually, this yellow keeps screaming my sister’s name and I think it’s going to go to her and I’m already planning another one.

Kentia Top via Ravelry

Then I saw the Kentia top on Ravelry and something about it was calling my name…and I ordered yarn for it. It’s another fingering weight pattern. Who am I? But I feel like this will be such a pretty and delicate piece that I WANT in my wardrobe. But then, a project I didn’t expect to love came in the summer issue of Pom Pom Magazine.

Sanctuary via Ravelry

The Sanctuary top reminds me of a hat pattern that I love. That lovely pattern, the drape, the neckline…I also bought golden yellow cotton fingering weight yarn for this one. But my heart clearly wasn’t finished with the fingering weight projects and I fell in love with a project I know will not be easy but I feel like it would such a great layer.

Kame via Ravlery

Kame in the latest Brooklyn Tweed Wool People. I’ve got a gorgeous cobalt blue yarn that will become this that I had in my stash for something else. I’m excited about what this could turn into, how it could look. So either I’ve lost my mind, or I’m finally jumping on the fingering weight yarn bandwagon. We shall see…

18 Replies to “In My Queue: Who Have I Become?”

  1. This post speaks to me!!! Welcome to my world lol… I have sweater quantities of fingering everywhere!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. A fingering convert, welcome! The sweaters you picked are gorgeous. I’ve knit a few fingering shawls,

  3. You might also like Ranunculus. It has sleeve options too.

  4. Did I miss where you called out the beautiful yarn?

  5. I love the weight and warmth level of fingering weight sweaters since I live in Port Townsend Washgton and it is never really very cold here, just damp and coldish.

    They do take longer to knit, but they are so perfect for living here. Lucky for me, I too knit fast — not sure if I can knit as fast as you, but I hold my own. 😊

  6. Wow, you are ambitious! An entire sweater in fingering weight on toothpick size needles, lol. Not my “cup of tea”!! The smallest needle I own is US#4 just because it came with the set:D However, I am knitting with a lace weight mohair/silk yarn right now but on large needles (Mohair Tutu by Kristy Glass knits) and it feels like knitting with cobwebs 😆

  7. Lovely. I know what you mean I got caught up with the Love note KA and ordered more fingering weight yarn because of how quick Love note knits up and the color possibilities, SMH not sure what I’ve done. If all else fails me I will have a lot of socks or new sweaters.

  8. I believe you’re still a fast knitter. I work with fingering yarn and the projects are VERY slow for me, yet when completed are beautiful. Will be interesting what your opinion is, after you’re on the fingering band wagon. LOL Have fun, know whatever you knit will be great

  9. I look at my Ravelry lists and wonder who did I used to be?

  10. I use almost nothing else for knitting. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve had to buy some heavier weights recently because I had nothing suitable for some projects I wanted to make. I will use fingering, sock (or heavy fingering) on needle sizes up to 5mm (#8). I’m also doing a lot of summer projects in cotton and linen which require smaller needles to get even a gauge of 4 stitches per inch. I’ve found that using finer yarns gives me better drape which is what I always want. I’ve also accepted the fact that I have WAY too much sock yarn and am beginning to use two yarns together to knit something DK weight.

  11. I got bitten by the fingering weight bug as well. I am working on a fingering weight cardigan using the Strange Brew recipe from Tin Can Knits. I also just finished socks as a gift to my husband for our first wedding anniversary. I love how delicate and light the finished objects are, but they do take a lot longer to knit.

  12. Watch out…fingering weight sweaters are a black hole and you can never escape! They are so light and flow-y and comfortable all year long. Welcome to my world.

  13. wooohhhoooo!!!! You have FINALLY crossed over! Soooo proud of you that you have conquered yet another ‘hurdle’ (knitting with fingering yarn). Next thing I know you’ll be using sock weight and fingering weight to make sox! 😉 LOL!

  14. I love all your picks here, especially Sanctuary. Oddly enough, I’ve made stranded colorwork sweaters in fingering weight, but never a solid-color or other style of knitting. Must be time for me to try one out!

  15. I LOVE the Sanctuary top! It was the first pattern to go into my queue when my Pom Pom arrived. I also like the Faience. Might do something different with the underarm seams though. Looking forward to seeing how fast you knit with fingering weight yarn. You’re probably going to blow us away!

  16. Even though I’m a slow knitter, I love to make garments out of fingering weight — I like having sweaters that are a little dressier and more wearable indoors. And I enjoy the finer details that can be achieved with finer yarn. Plus, I’m always knitting anyway, and I do finish my projects eventually. These are lovely choices!

  17. I love reading about your fingering weight fever moment when I am discovering your blog and seeing the dk/worsted weight light! You have shown me the wisdom of cotton dk, fast knitting and still wearable in transition temperatures.

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