FO: Lavender and Lemon

I think I’m addicted to cropped sweaters and super bulky knitting right now. They’re both quick and super satisfying. It could be a problem. I have some of the Berroco Macro yarn leftover from my Malmo sweater and I picked up this very fun Malabrigo Caracol in a kind of lavender color wrapped in a black thread and decided they needed to be combined. At first I thought I’d pair the lavender with my leftover purple but then the yellow was calling out to me. And I decided to take that combo and make a Carlisle Cardigan.
Carlisle cardigan
The pattern came from the Good Night, Day Minimalist knitting patterns e-book. I found out about the designer after the New Yorker article was interviewed for earlier in the month. The designs are simple and clean made with huge yarn, I thought I’d give it a try. Her patterns are more of a template for a one size fits most sweater, I made a modification to make sure that my sweater fit me comfortably by adding more stitches at the underarm when I separated for the sleeves. Only change I wish was I had made was just to make it a little shorter, but I wasn’t sure how much it would really stretch and I used every last drop of my yellow yarn.
Carlisle cardigan
I have to say these yarns are so cozy. And with the cropped sleeve this will be a great sweater jacket for spring. I love a good layer.
Carlisle cardigan
I’m also in three different classrooms in a day with three varying temperatures so it’s nice to be able to take a cardigan off and not feel like I’m stuck sweating in a pullover. I also really love this lemon and lavender combo, especially because I know spring is right around the corner and I live for a good pastel.
Carlisle cardigan
I’ve still got some yarn left and am thinking my BFF Jess might need one of these cardigans too. And since I knit it on size 17s, it’s only took a weekend. A quick knit for sure.

25 Replies to “FO: Lavender and Lemon”

  1. It’s gorgeous! I loved the recent article on the MDK site. Loved seeing all your sweaters.

  2. It’s a pleasure to see the great fit you achieve in your sweaters. And I loved the title of this post; it makes me want to brew a cup of some kind of floral tea with a slice of lemon!

  3. I’m brand new to your blog but loved your article on MDK site and the pictures of all your beautiful sweaters. I knit hats, hats, and more hats plus some mittens, cowls, and scarfs (live in cold New Hampshire). I have a 3/4 finished Scandinavian sweater I started 40 years ago when I was 40 lbs. thinner, finished to yoke, then stopped. I dragged it out (beautiful wool on size 3 needles) and am committed to finishing it although don’t know who will wear it, not me any more. However, all your beautiful sweaters on beautiful you give me incentive and courage to knit one (or several) for myself — soon. I have so much yarn that I promised I wouldn’t buy any more until I used most of it up. Any ideas for multi-colored sweater since I have only one or two skeins of many yarns…

    1. Love this sweater so I ordered the pattern. Thanks for telling us about this fun pattern.

  4. Gorgeous sweater! Also, where do you get your glasses from? I need those in my life!

  5. Clever use of color compared to the original pattern picture of the Carlisle Cardigan, which features only one color.

    You’ve just inspired me, using this pattern, to use some WAK “The Wool” yarn in yellow I already have, coupled with their black/white twist, which would have to be knit with another worsted-weight yarn to match the bulk (and add the color like your lavender Caricol yarn).

  6. This combination of colors really caught my attention. I am beginning my own Carlisle Cardigan in the Macro and I am using two colors. I never thought of changing up colors like this with knitting patterns. As a quilter, I’ve done this often, but have felt a little afraid to wander from the written pattern in knitting projects….until I saw your work! Thank you for taking the time to document all this.

  7. I am new to your blog but I love your enthusiasm, and sunshine personality.

  8. And ooh—a new look for the site?? I loved your post on MDK—and that must have been a world record for “Most delighted and happy comments in one place”!!

  9. I’m so happy I found you on MDK! I love this on you. It’s super cute and flattering. I’m getting excited about sweater knitting again. Thank you. Off to look through your posts.

  10. Ok, I binge read your archives (write faster!) And was inspired, of course. What does it mean that the new dog sweater I cast on last week is lemon and purple? Just a classic color combo, right?

  11. You just make me happy…..every single day!! Thank you for that.

  12. Love the combination, especially the sunny yellow. Thanks for inspiring me- again!

  13. That yellow is lovely and your picture is just radiant!

  14. I absolutely love your Carlyle Cardigan! You are such an inspiration to just Go With It and use up that stash yarn. Fabulous!

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