A Re-Introduction of Sorts

With so many new readers, folks commenting and emailing me questions I thought I should pause my regularly scheduled knitting posts and do a real re-introduction of myself and this blog.

This picture pretty much sums me up. I love to laugh.

My name is Dana. Some folks like to call me DWJ…some call me that lady who knits her dogs sweaters or that lady that knits all the colors. LOL I respond to all of those names. I’m a digital strategist (I work in social media) and I teach social media marketing at my alma mater, Howard University. I’ll be 40 at the end of August and I’ve been married to my really cute husband for 15 years. We live in the suburbs in Maryland right outside of DC and we have two dogs we adopted from Hart Animal Rescue. Cher a 14 year old chihuahua pug mix we adopted in 2013 (my first dog ever). And Jellybean, an almost 6 year old short haired chihuahua. No children of our own but lots of godchildren.

Sister sweaters
Jellybean on the left, Cher on the right.

This is actually my second blog. I started this blog back in June of 2015 after taking a few years off from blogging. I previously blogged at The Art of Accessories/IAmDWJ about makeup, accessories and tech. I started that blog when I was in graduate school and this blog started in part because I make my students blog and I thought it was only fair that I jump back into it to keep my skills fresh. I also just wanted to share my joy around knitting and felt like I had something to say again. Who knew this blog would become what it is today for me, a great source of happiness and connection with other people who love yarn, knitting and color.

December FO
My fourth the Rain Outside Shawl

I knit a lot. Typically I spend 1 to 2 hours knitting each day. I love it. It is rare that I don’t have knitting with me. I learned how to knit in 2008 and I’ve tried my best to up my skills each year. Currently I’ve been into colorwork and two color brioche – anyway to explore using ALL the colors when I knit.

Finished Comfort Fade
I started the year off with this colorful Find Your Fade Cardigan

I think I love knitting because it’s all about learning new skills and I’ve always loved school…hence why I’m an educator. I’m constantly asked how do I knit so fast. Typically I pick projects that are dk weight and up. I’m not a fan of fingering weight yarn, I’ve knit socks but they’ve all been dk weight. Coupled with the fact that I’m still a fairly quick knitter and that’s how you end up making 27 sweaters in a year.

Carbeth cardigan
My happy green Carbeth Cardigan

I love color. My absolute favorite color is green but I can love an appreciate all color. I have knit rainbows, neons and neutrals. And I totally enjoy figuring out how to take a pattern I love and turning it into a dog sweater for my little dogs. Because life is just too short to not do the things that totally bring you joy.

Durumi tees
Not one but TWO Durumi tees.

And I like to use my space on the internet to spread joy and happiness. There’s a lot of things that weigh us all down on a daily basis but for me, knitting is my escape. It’s the thing that soothes me after a mentally exhausting day. It’s what I use to express myself and to show love. Nothing brings me greater joy than getting pics of children with toys, clothes or blankets that I knit them. Nothing makes me fell more proud than when my Mom, sisters or husband tells someone I made them what they’re wearing.

Helen in the Tracker sweater, Mom in a_simmetrie and me wearing Cala Luna

This blog in short is an expression of my joy. It’s about all the people and things that I truly love. So, welcome to Yards of Happiness. I’m glad you stopped by.

22 Replies to “A Re-Introduction of Sorts”

  1. I love your work so much–your color work, your knitting work, your spreading happiness work. My comments every day would be the same: Thank you! I love you!

  2. And all of this is why this is one of my absolute favorite places on the internet. I love you, DWJ!! ❤️

  3. We can feel your joy in life and knitting in every post. Thanks for reintroducing yourself as I am a newbie to your blog.

  4. I agree! Thanks for the reintroduction as I’m also new to your blog. I look forward to your posts as they make me smile. I started knitting again about a year ago and love upping my skills. A wonderful young women at our yarn store told me to go big or go home! Haha! Since then I’ve graduated from socks to hats to lace and colour work. I love your inspiration!

  5. I’m glad that you love knitting the dog sweaters because it tickles me to no end! You wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve shown the pictures to! Thanks for the smile and knitting inspiration.

  6. I love reading your blog! You’re always upbeat and your knits are amazing! And if that isn’t enough I love seeing what your dogs are wearing:) They really are the cutest models ever!

  7. I first found you on Instagram, while I was looking for a Find Your Fade cardi inspiration earlier this month. Finding your blog had been an added bonus. Thank you for sharing!

  8. So happy I started following you, Dana. The reintroduction is a good idea as I’m sure you picked up a lot of new followers after MDK highlighted you. Thanks for blogging-it makes my knitting world a little happier. Marla

  9. Thank you for re-introducing yourself Dana. I look forward to your posts!! You are an inspiration for me to try more challenging projects and get me out of my comfort zone:)
    I love knitting for my family too😉

  10. I love your blog. Just discovered it recently. You are beautiful and your sweaters are gorgeous! I adore the fact that you make matching ones for your dogs. Keep spreading the joy!

  11. I love your blog. For some reason when I receive your blog I start singing the Al Green song, Love and Happiness,
    except I change it to Yards of Happiness! Now you have a theme song.

  12. Your joy and enthusiasm are contagious, your creative is inspiring, and you sharing some downsides is honest! Yards of Happiness is addicting in the best way. 💕

  13. So glad that the Mason-Dixon Knitting Ladies featured YOU on their blog! I’ve been reading you ever since. LOVE your sense of color and joy!

  14. I’m a newbie from the MDK post, and I’m sorry I haven’t commented before this. Like some of the others said, I just had to immediately share your pictures with my daughter – your big smile and beautiful work just makes me happy. I love your joyful use of colors and your zest for life and your generous spirit. Your friends, relatives (that picture of your mom and sisters is so sweet), and dogs are so lucky!

  15. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks. I love reading your blog! With all the yucky things happening in our country now it’s so refreshing to read and feel your joy and positivity!. Thank you.

  16. I am so glad I found your blog–thanks Mason Dixon. You summed it up pretty nicely–there are so many things now that just make me want to scream or cry, but your blog always puts a smile on my face! I have to tell you, I am in total awe of your knitting speed. Do you knit continental, throw the yarn or some combination or something else?

  17. I love this piece.!!!! Your work is AMAZING and ypu are pure AWESOME 😄

  18. I recently discovered your blog from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I love the joyfulness of your blog–your beautiful smile, adorable dogs, and love of knitting. Thank you!

  19. I love your blog! I’ve been in kind of a slump lately (recovering from a broken ankle that required surgery to fix, ugh) and I’ve been really inspired by both the fabulous colors you use and the way you adapt knitting techniques to suit your style. I also love how you discuss types of yarn that fit a budget and a variety of needs (like acrylic for babies) when so many knitting blogs seem to focus on rare, rustic, expensive yarn. Those are nice too, but I’ve found myself looking at your projects and thinking “I could make that!” when I haven’t on other blogs.
    Thank you for being a source of kindness and color in today’s crazy world! It’s much appreciated 🙂

  20. Hi there! New to your blog, I hopped over from MDK where you had a lovely guest spot. I wanted to comment on your original intro post for your digital marketing stats, but no comment box there! 😉 Also, not sure if it’s my browser on my phone or your site or plugin, but Instagram is not working on here. 🙂 Lots of love, joy, peace and yarn to you!

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