Stitching Status: Spring Is That You?

It’s Friday and I woke up to spring like weather and it’s glorious. Of course we’ll have the ups and downs but I’m so happy it’s starting to feel like spring. And you know what else I’m excited about?
My Tecumseh sweater is coming along! This picture is actually from Wednesday and by the end of the day Thursday I was already halfway through the last block of colorwork. I’ll still have to do one more set of the design on each sleeve but the sleeves are way fewer stitches than the body. I’m just so excited to have finally gotten to the point where I could separate for sleeves. I feel like I’m really making progress. AND I love the oversized fit and how bright this is. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to finish this one.
Whenever I feel like I’m getting in a groove Cher brings me back to earth and sits on my knitting to remind me that my main job is to give her rubs – not to knit.
Meanwhile Jellybean is just content to be in my lap as long as I’m sitting still. But I’m hoping to have enough quiet time over the weekend to finish the body and make good progress on the sleeves. I’ve also volunteered for a new test knit so I’ve got to get to swatching for that too!

What will you be working on this weekend?

16 Replies to “Stitching Status: Spring Is That You?”

  1. dana!!! congrats on that beautiful color work.. you have just outdone yourself.. I love the colors and they look perfect.. you really inspire me, now if you could just come to my house and please push me along on my knitting????? lol am working on a tank top, simple but gardening is starting to get in the way…. thanks for your inspiration always

    1. Yeah once the weather warms up I find myself outside walking the dogs more and more so I can get some exercise. Maybe I need to learn how to knit and walk at the same time.

  2. Well, I can see it’s not going to be a KAL for me, but a KTAL (knit tag-along)! Gorgeous! The colors look even better together now you’ve got them knit up. That little bit of blue is perfect. Question: you mention oversized fit. Did you pick a larger size because you wanted that fit, or is oversized fit built into this pattern? I often have a hard time figuring out how much ease to expect from the written instructions.

    1. The pattern has the ease built into it. So I typically knit a 41ish/large in most patterns and stuck with it for this size. It will be roomy but it’s a cool shape! And yeah, you know I’m a fast knitter LOL I get excited and I can’t stop!

  3. I’ll be rewarding myself for grading with attempts to finish my lingering WIPs although I might be tempted to cast on another project – hah! But really, I’ll be working on grading this weekend.

      1. Well I did decide to make it short sleeved and that is cutting a bit of time off 😉

      2. Rigggggght!!! 😉

        Like long sleeves can slow your incredibly talented speedy fingers … I’m not buying that … LOLOL! The end result is going to be amazing and with the weather we’ve been having on the East coast, you might still be able to wear it before Spring ends.

  4. I recently discovered your wonderful blog. I just love your choice of colours and projects looking forward to seeing the lovely sweater when finished.

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