FO: Rye Tie for Ayo

A good friend our mine has always been impressed with my knitting but the first time he saw me post about knitting a tie he immediately responded that he wanted one. Every time he’s seen me knit one he asks, ‘When can I get one? What do I have to do?’ So when he told me his family was coming up for the Easter holiday/spring break I decided it was time to knit him his own Rye tie.
The Rye tie is a simple (and free) pattern, you can knit with a worsted weight yarn. I’ve always used one that has a bit of silk in it, Cascade Venezia Worsted. I like the drape the tie has after you finish it and the colors are very saturated. You can knit this over a weekend. And since Ayo is a tall guy he asked if I could make it a little longer than the average tie and that’s easy to do. When I made a Rye tie for my friend Steven he suggested I add a keeper loop to the back to hold the tie in place.
Since then whenever I knit one I either pick up stitches on the edge and knit a slim bar or like with this one I just knit a garter stitch bar and attached it to the back. An easy solution so that you ensure they want to wear your knitted gift.
Cher was extremely helpful while I was trying to block his tie. And by helpful I mean she kept standing directly on the tie while I was trying to pin it to my blocking boards. Sigh…gotta love knitting with dogs.
But I knew the tie was a hit because I gave it to Ayo on Friday and he wore it to church on Sunday for Easter. It’s always good to know your hand knits will get a good home.

8 Replies to “FO: Rye Tie for Ayo”

  1. I have fond memories of my dad wearing a machine knitted tie with a square end that must have been done in a seed stitch. It never dawned on me that worsted weight could be used for a necktie. Got to look up this pattern and figure out who might need one. This looks so sharp!

  2. Ayo is indeed “knitworthy,” and the tie looks great on him! Great tie.

  3. The tie is great and it looks fantastic on your friend – it’s the perfect color for him. But what is that knitted background you’ve used in the first photo? A place mat maybe??

    1. It’s a footstool. The Container Store sells a line by Curver of knit looking footstools and end tables with storage. We have them all over the house. I’ve also seen them sold at HomeGoods too!

  4. I love how he wanted a tie knitted by your hands. He is rockin’ it! I also like how he asked what did he have to do to get one. That shows how much he values your time, ability, and friendship.

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