FO: Stranded Sets

To test my stranded colorwork I decided a hat was probably the best way to start. So when my girlfriend was telling me how her toddler didn’t fit baby sized hats I decided to use that as an opportunity to test out my stranded knitting skills and make her a hat.
Finished Prism Triangle Hat
I chose the Prism hat, part of the Mad Colour collection from Tin Can Knits and I went with the triangles option. I just used the leftover bits from my husband’s shades of blue sweater I made in December.
Prism hat
My tension wasn’t too tight and I did my best to be neat with my floats and consistent with how I was throwing my yarn. I’m still a mess on how to hold yarn in both hands but more practice will hopefully make it more comfortable. All in all I was pretty proud with how this one turned out.
Prism hat
And I added a button to the inside of the hat to secure the pompom so that my girlfriend can wash the hat and remove the pompom.
Prism hat
Did I also mention how extremely helpful Jellybean was during this process? LOL she just had to be all up in my knitting this time. And because of that I decided that my girlfriend’s dog also needed a new sweater to coordinate with her human sister. You may remember them from this adorable dog and baby sweater set.
Sparkle sweater with colorwork
I actually had the same shades of the light and dark blue from my husband’s sweater in worsted weight (it’s all Berroco Vintage in dk and worsted weight) from a scarf I made him years ago and just used the leftover yarn for test knitting. The pattern is the Sparkle dog sweater that I’ve made a billion times before – it’s just a super easy top down knit.
Sparkle sweater with colorwork
I carried over the triangles pattern to a little patch on the middle just to make them coordinate. Because why not when you’ve got the chance to keep practicing. And I was fortunate enough to FaceTime with my girlfriend when they go their package and I’m happy to say that toddler and dog’s items both fit! On to the next stranded knitting project!

19 Replies to “FO: Stranded Sets”

  1. Beautiful work!!! And thank you for sharing the simple doggie sweater pattern-I saved it to my Ravelry ❤️

  2. Great idea for practice… and A+ for execution! You’re getting me inspired. I’ve got three colors of the same yarn in my stash and have been trying to figure out how to use it…

  3. A button to secure the pompon! Smart! I can finally attach the pompom to my hat, have been putting off doing that exactly for the laundry issue 😉 Thanks and looking forward too seeing all your fabulous makes!

  4. Very nice, love the inclusion of the dog. No one is safe from the yarn projects in my house!

    1. I’m working on it! It’s easy doing small projects like hats to get in practice.

  5. I love the hat, and what a great first colourwork project! The pompom and button idea is genius, I may steal it one day if that’s ok? I just found your blog and I love your projects.

  6. Wow, fantastic job on your tension! I just saw you on MDK, and I will follow you now!

  7. I restarted my knitting crafting about two and a half year ago. I was pleased to see so many designers from, local to my area, making patterns that are fun and accessible to emerging knitters. What took my notice in choosing patterns to purchase were the models. When models included black women, men, and people of color I took interest and they became the patterns I purchased. I want to see more than the knitting, I want to see a world of people living together, recognizing difference, and being good neighbors all the same. I search through Ravelry looking for the design work of the people of color in my country. When I see a black man or women in the store or on the street I smile a greeting and look directly towards them. In my mind I pray they are having a good day free of harassment for living while black. I am reveling my thoughts and actions at this time to be a part of a positive conversation. I am one white girl that sees herself as a citizen of the whole world not just my mostly white corner of the Pacific Northwest of the western hemisphere. If I’m in an elevator with a black man, I do not shake with fear. I engage in conversation, just like I would with any other human in a elevator ride.
    Thank you for your wonderful sweaters, awesome and contagious smiles, and for being a black women in the hand knitting world.
    I send you my hugs and pray that you are safe. I pray for a time when citizens will rise up Together to care for citizens.

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