FO: Fiona’s Finest

One of my coworkers had her third child last week after having two boys, a baby girl she named Fiona. And if you knew how girly and feminine she was you’d know how exciting it was for her to have a little girl. A few coworkers wanted to send a gift and I decided why not knit up a baby hat that was pink and sparkly? And then I got the even brighter idea to try to add Fiona’s name to her hat! It’s all about practicing my skills, folks.
So on Friday I opened up my laptop and make a basic chart in Excel to spell out her name.
fiona chart
And with any basic hat, I pretty much use this chart I’ve had bookmarked forever to get the sizes right if I don’t have a pattern in mind and just build my own. I figure out the yarn I want to use, then my gauge and I get to knitting. For this I cast on 66 stitches and did about an inch of ribbing in the Tempting Ewe, Ewe So Sparkly DK I had leftover from this cardigan and paired it with the Lemonade Shop’s Sparkle DK in Girls Gone Wild (it’s pink with flecks of grey/black) that I had in my stash. I knit a few rows in pink and then started to spell out the name. I repeated it four times around the hat. Thinking about it now I could’ve done a heart in between her name twice but hey, I was just winging it.
I finished it off the following morning and blocked it and decided to add a button on the inside so I could put a huge pink pompom on the top because why not?! It just looked like it needed a little something extra to add to the sparkly yarn.
And there you have it, a personalized little hat for a newborn baby girl. I hope it fits her during this little cold spell and is just as cute as she is.

13 Replies to “FO: Fiona’s Finest”

  1. I like how you’re advancing your skill set while making other people really happy! Win-win for Dana!

    1. I’m really trying. LOL I avoided colorwork for so long that now I’m putting it in EVERYTHING! LOL But I do have a test knit I plan to start soon while I have a few days off 😉 Back to my regular type of knitting.

  2. Bravo! Job well done! Adorable! You’ve really jumped into colorwork, sounds like you might need to be writing your own patterns? You’re practically doing that ANYWAY?? 🙂

  3. This is darling! Sure to be treasured, and absolutely no mixups on the playground later on!

  4. Suuuuper cute!!!! Are you loving colorwork?! I can get absolutely lost in it. I’ve done colorwork socks and hats and a sweater with a colorwork yoke, but I have yet to do an all over colorwork pattern. I have all the yarn for the Wave Cardigan ( that I got for a gift one Christmas a few years ago, but once I got all that gorgeous color, I started thinking I might want to do something else with it. So far, it’s still sitting there. LOL I’m looking forward to following your colorwork adventures!

    1. I usually find that once I see a pattern I want to make I’m encouraged to learn the technique. I love the Sunset Highway pullover everyone is doing and a friend gifted it to me so I realized I needed to get my colorwork skills up! It’s always been a goal but I’ve kind of avoided it until now.

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