Stitching Status: Yarn & Dogs

It’s the middle of October and I’ve finished 6 projects this month. I’ve still got a little time left this month to probably crank out something else. I love when I’m on a roll. I’ve got a nicely stocked stash of yarn, lots of patterns and the holidays quickly approaching me. I told myself once I hit November I’ll really be in full holiday knitting mode but I’m still hoping to finish a few things for myself in there as well.
Yummy yarn
When I bought the yarn for my Colorblocked Boyfriend cardigan I just kept staring at it and the combinations I was trying to put together. As much as I love knitting, I also love putting together the yarn and the tiny details. Adding something to a pattern, finding the perfect buttons, finding color combinations that just sing. It’s as good as the actual knitting.
When I went back to get buttons for my cardigan this skein of yarn caught my eye and it’s the perfect mix of colors to go with a skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co in my favorite studio worsted in a gorgeous Kelly green called Clintonville. I bought 2 years ago but just didn’t know what to make with it but that green caught me. So when I saw this yarn, MJ yarns in American Worsted (a light worsted like the studio worsted I love) in the colorway Peacock I knew it would be just what I was looking for to pair with my 400 yard skein of Clintonville. This is my next project I’m working on for myself, a light circular yolk sweater with a bit of swing to it. I think my Flaum cardigan will also stay in hibernation until after the holidays because I just don’t have it in me to do all that stinking ribbing, even though I want that great camel colored cardigan in my wardrobe.
In non-knitting news…how about an update on the dogs. We are definitely still adjusting. Jelly clearly has some issues with my husband – she occasionally pees on just his stuff :/ I know it’s because she believes I am all hers and it doesn’t help that he travels but we’re working on it. We came home on Friday and she had hopped up on the bed and peed on his sweatpants. It doesn’t happen every day but we’re definitely closing off our bedroom door while we’re away. On a more positive note, she’s a total goofball, loves to try to lick Cher (which Cher lets her do for about 30 seconds) and loves playing with toys. Despite peeing on things, we’ll keep her. I do think I’ll have my husband take her to doggy training soon so that maybe the two of them will bond.
And Cher? My sweet older lady is the best. She’s taught Jelly the value of naps and enjoying sunbeams in doorways. She is bossy and let’s Jelly know when it’s time for her to get out of my lap so she can get some snuggles but for the most part, she’s a good big sister.
When we were in New Orleans and I boarded them I was able to catch a screenshot of them sharing a bed together in their room before lights out. At least I know when I’m not around they take care of each other.
Sometimes I look at Cher and I see her slowing down ever so slightly and I get sad but then I remind myself I have to just enjoy whatever time we have because it’s all so sweet. And they’re the best companions when I’m knitting. Cher cuddles in close and Jelly buries herself under every project 🙂 So, life right now is looking pretty good. What’s good with you?

6 Replies to “Stitching Status: Yarn & Dogs”

  1. I just love hearing about Cher and Jelly! The only thing better than knitting in my book is dogs. 🙂

    I wonder if it just might take awhile for Jelly to settle in and really feel confident that she’s HOME? Our Rasta did odd behavioral things for at least two or three years, and I think they were born out of fears and experiences from his life before us. Every time I’d realize he hadn’t done x or y in a long time, it would make me so happy because I’d realize he was that much closer to knowing he was HOME.

    1. Yeah we’re being very patient with Jelly. And honestly, for the most part she’s a treat! Every once in a while she pees on my husband’s stuff and I have to stifle a laugh. Thankfully our washing machine has a sanitizing wash and we keep it moving. I love her little goofy prance and how she tries to talk to me, she’s just the cutest thing ever.

  2. I guess the bottom line is that pets have real personalities and lives of their own. When we take them on, especially adult animals we have to deal with their quirks — endearing and infuriating! Best wishes to your husband as he finds ways to break through with Jelly. It can’t be any fun to find those territorial markings!

    We’re having a sweet and agitated time with a neighbor’s cat. She came over the fence during the summer and won our hearts, and now she reports for duty every morning after her mistress goes to work. My mom, who has always adored cats, now has dementia and doesn’t get out or move around very easily, so this little friend is just a godsend. On the other hand, we feel guilty for “alienating the affections” of someone else’s pet. Our neighbor has two very active chihuahuas and goes out a lot, so little kitty doesn’t get much attention at home… Fortunately, the neighbor is friendly with us and loves it that Mom gets joy out of her visits. But I don’t think she realizes that we are all huge fans of her cat!

    1. That’s awesome that your Mom loves the cat. Before my father passed he loved having Cher around and she loved him. She’d be so gentle and sweet with him and he was always so excited to have her hop in his bed. animals make the world better 🙂

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