Stitching Status: Weekend Update

Happy Monday! Sometimes I sit down to write and realize I don’t take as many pictures as I probably should for someone who blogs. I try my best a lot … Continue reading Stitching Status: Weekend Update

Stitching Status: Yarn & Dogs

It’s the middle of October and I’ve finished 6 projects this month. I’ve still got a little time left this month to probably crank out something else. I love when … Continue reading Stitching Status: Yarn & Dogs

FO: For My Birthday

Tomorrow is my 38th birthday. It’s weird to say that number but I’m happy to have another year. I have a great family, friends I think of as family and … Continue reading FO: For My Birthday

Stitching Status: Pretty Yarn & Playing Chicken

I got distracted by pretty yarn. It’s not like I don’t have a ton of pretty yarn already in my stash but I got distracted the other Friday and I … Continue reading Stitching Status: Pretty Yarn & Playing Chicken

July’s FO’s Roundup

Hello, August! Here’s what I was able to finish in the month of July with my knitting. 4 out of 5 knits were for myself – selfish knitting for the … Continue reading July’s FO’s Roundup