Stitching Status: Looking Forward to Fall

Despite it being 93 degrees on Wednesday, it’s getting cooler in the evenings when I take the dogs out for their last walk of the day. I know fall is just around the corner and because I knit sweaters I look forward to it more now. I’m currently working on the Flaum cardigan for myself.

Flaum cardigan via Ravelry
Flaum cardigan via Ravelry

I’ve had the Cascade 220 Superwash in Doeskin Heather for entirely too long in my stash and I’m finally putting it to good use. I need a cardigan I can throw on as a neutral with any and everything and I’m hoping this is that cardigan. When I scrolled through the project pages I realized everyone else felt the same way about this cardigan because there are so many neutral colors!
I wear a lot of color and I’ve got some plans for great two color cardigans and sweaters to add to my wardrobe but sometimes you just need a staple that you can wear with anything. It’s all done in a ribbing pattern so I feel like it’s smaller than it should be but I have to keep reminding myself that it will stretch out once I block it. I have to stop worrying and just trust my knitting.
I’m also itching to knit myself a few new hats this year. I took a break from hat knitting last year but need to pick it back up at least for myself. This is the beginnings of a hat for a girlfriend I’m going to see this weekend. I had a gorgeous skein of Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted that I used to make her a super soft and slouchy hat. I can’t wait to give it to her. Plus I finally got my Hillary Clinton patches in the mail and I fully intend on knitting myself a hat and putting on an H patch to show my support! I’m ready for fall, I’m ready for the cool down. Bring it Mother Nature!

2 Replies to “Stitching Status: Looking Forward to Fall”

  1. Waayyy cool! I too am very, very excited about the cooler weather since I much prefer those to summer temps . . . I honestly thought you were on vacation, which meant no knitting???? but I see that you do not take a vacation from knitting, while ON vacation! ha!ha!ha! 😉 Enjoy yourself!

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