Stitching Status: Tiny Tecumseh

I decided in the middle of knitting my rainbow Tecumseh sweater that the dogs need to have coordinating ones too. Why not?
I started on this late Monday night and I could’ve finished it last night but decided to work on a few other things instead. This was her second fitting. She was not pleased when I woke her up late to try it on the first time.
Look at that disgust in her eyes. LOL I make these tiny dog sweaters because they make me so happy. I decided since my sweater will be navy that the girls would have lighter contrasting sweaters but still with multiple colored stripes. Jellybean’s main color is lavender and I think Cher’s will be a pale blue and I’ll start with the lower colors of the rainbow on hers.
Now I can’t wait to finish all three so we can take a picture together. It might get framed if it turns out really well because how could hand knits, rainbows and my dogs not make me smile?


NY Times & Knitting

I realized I had this post saved as a draft since July and never shared it! Oops. I thought this was a pretty cool article in the NY Times this summer, How to Start Knitting and Learn to Love it, and thought I should pass it along. I also want to pass along these two images.
Jellybean in a banana shirt, you’re welcome. This dog loves bananas so much and as quietly as my husband tries to peel them she always hears him and comes running to get a piece. She also managed to get a banana out of his lunchbox one evening, wiggle it out of the bag, take it out of the skin an eat the ENTIRE BANANA. This one is my sneaky little eater.
And Cher. My sweet senior has taken over a blanket that was a gift for me. Clearly it has my name on it but whenever I turn around she’s wrapped herself up in a sea of blue softness. This weekend we’ve got more light rain coming our way in Maryland (we aren’t in the path of the hurricane but it’s been grey here all week) and I’m hoping to work on my Rainbow Tecumseh. And yesterday I finished off my Rainbow Askews Me Shawl! It’s blocking and hopefully I can get some pics and share it next week. Have a great weekend!

I Survived the First Day

I’ve been super focused on preparing for school but I survived! I’ve been knitting on some test knits and my rainbow brioche in between but I decided I needed a new sign for my office door with my class hours. I had a brilliant idea to put Cher and Jellybean in their new Howard University t-shirts in front of my blue wall and put the text above their heads…things didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. Jellybean in her HU shirt
Jellybean kept wanting to turn around towards me and the treat. I was standing to her left and in front of her. LOL And Cher…
Cher in HU gear
She wasn’t having it. This was the ONLY picture that I got of her before she walked away, went upstairs and got into bed. HA! I didn’t get them together but what I got of Jellybean was good enough to make my new door sign. I’m making my office all nice and filling it with things I love to see since I don’t have a window. But I’m so happy to be there, my first day went great. Thanks for being patient while I get adjusted to my new schedule. I’ll share more soon!