July’s FO’s Roundup

Hello, August!
July FO
Here’s what I was able to finish in the month of July with my knitting. 4 out of 5 knits were for myself – selfish knitting for the win! Also, I can’t believe today is August 1. But that just means my birthday will be here before I know it! But first, let’s talk about July’s FO’s:

  • My custom green tunic – don’t worry, I’ll have a post about that this week. I’m super excited about this piece.
  • My modified North Fork – I. LOVE. THIS. TOP. It’s so much better than my last attempt since I made great modifications.
  • The Rain Outside in green for myself. A lovely wrap that I’ve been wearing in my office nonstop.
  • My Ruby Woo cardigan, a perfect red in a really great cardigan that I can wear with pretty much everything.
  • Safia’s North Fork tee. She was pretty excited about this one and I was happy to give her a nice summer knit to add to her wardrobe.

Up next, I feel like I want to whip up one more warm weather knit to clear out my cotton blend yarn and then it’s on to fall sweater knitting. Plus there are a bunch of knitalongs about to happen and it’s it always more fun when you knit with friends, right?

3 Replies to “July’s FO’s Roundup”

  1. yes it is great to knit with friends, but for those of us who did not knit fast, August signals the month when Christmas gifts need to be started 😉 Especially when you have a large family 🙂

    1. I think Christmas knitting will start in September but I’m still not really sure what I want to make and who for just yet.

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