December 2018 Finished Objects

December FO
I still feel weird saying that it’s 2019 but a new year is here! And that means I get to do my last month recap of what I knit. December was a highly productive month of finished objects.


I think I was so productive because this month was light on teaching so I had more time. Now I’m prepping for the new semester and getting myself ready to go back to the classroom but this has been a refreshing and much needed break to reset. Now to figure out what I want to make this year.


September 2018 Finished Objects

Somehow September lasted about 2 hours this year. January through August dragged by but September got away from me. But I was able to finish TWO projects this month.

What was I able to finish this month?

  • Rumo Sweater, Test Knit: I’ve been holding off on sharing my latest test knit because I was waiting for the pattern release but it has been delayed! So here’s a sneak peek of my Rumo sweater and if it doesn’t get published this week I’ll share the details next week. It’s a really awesome closet staple kind of sweater with interesting details.
  • My Rainbow Askews Me Shawl: I’ve been excited about the cooler temps coming just because I want to wear my latest rainbow.  But of course we will be in the eighties this week. It’s fine, I won’t rush the cold in.

So that’s what I was able to finish in September, what about you?

February 2018 Finished Objects

February FOs

Despite not feeling like I was accomplishing a lot, apparently I was. I finished 10 small objects this month, some you still haven’t seen yet. So let’s do a recap:

  • A Bandana Cowl for Alexandra. I’ve already made 2 and have plans to make another.
  • A Preppy Cowl. More brioche! And this one was inspired by a hat my friend was wearing so I made her a cowl to coordinate!
  • A Quick Knit for Salina. I really love this bulky knit cap and can totally see making more with chunky leftovers.
  • My Wakanda Set. If you haven’t seen the movie Black Panther, you should. There is so much color and amazingness, so I knit a set inspired by that. More on that next week.
  • Big Brioche. More brioche, there’s never enough!
  • Fiona’s Hat. Dipping my toe into making my own charts!
  • Brioche With a Touch of Sparkle. I love this hat for spring so much.
  • Tiny Hoodie. My friend sent me pics of his son in this hoodie and he’s just too cute.
  • The Purple Hat. I love this pattern so much and love this yarn even more.

So what were you able to accomplish this month?