Finished Object Follow-ups

Sometimes I get asked questions about things I knit where people want to know how something held up or how it fit someone after I’ve posted about it. Since my cousin is in town and got to try on her North Fork I thought this was the perfect time to follow-up with a few questions I’ve been asked. So first, let’s share the fit of the North Fork on my cousin.

Safia's North Fork
Can you tell she likes it? HA! She’s such a ham and loves getting hand knit gifts from me. I’m happy to make things for her because she really does appreciate every little thing I knit.
Safia's North Fork
When I’m making tops for Safia I have to consider her bust because although she’s a petite young lady, she’s well endowed. We laughed because we said this top would probably fit loser if her chest was smaller but it’s a perfect fit as a nice summer scoop neck top. She also told me the Berroco Weekend felt super soft on her skin and she liked the stretchiness of the arms and neckline. WIN!

Morgan and the Tutu top
I was also asked how well the Knit Picks Brava Sport weight yarn I used for Maddie’s doll held up and I’m happy to say it was a great choice. I actually took these pictures of the doll AFTER I washed and dried her and my Maddie’s Mom said that Morgan the doll has been dragged all over the place and still looks fantastic. YAY!

First socks
And lastly, how have my first pair of socks been holding up? I already knew when I knit them I should’ve gone down a needle size so they’re a little big. One always slips off in the middle of the night. But I accidentally dried them in the dryer and they didn’t fuzz and that helped snug them up a bit. I also think if I did the puff paint dots again I’d just make them bigger but they do add some grip to the bottoms of my feet so I’m not just sliding around on my wood floors.

So those are my finished object follow-ups. Monday I’ve got a round-up of everything I finished this month and Wednesday I’ve got to share my finished custom green tee…which I turned into a tunic! And the next thing I’m casting on? A little blue dress for a baby girl. What are you casting on this weekend?

7 Replies to “Finished Object Follow-ups”

  1. Your cousin looks like a model!! Girl is beautiful! Always love reading your blog, have a great weekend!

  2. You and Safia are perfect models for your work! So beautiful and so real. Thanks for sharing these updates. The tees look great on both of you. I’ll be going back to see how you finished the bottom edge of the sleeves, as I’ve got a couple of tight bind-off edges on garments I’ve made.

    Right now I’m working on a striped winter pullover for my grandson (still adjusting to being a granny!) that I’m making out of a beautiful assortment of green/blue/yellow remnants I was given by a friend. It’s a challenge to get the stripes random enough and to eke out the yarn so colors are evenly distributed in the sweater. But it’s looking cute so far.

  3. North Folk Black/Blue looks great on your cousin! So glad you remembered the ‘girls’! That way they don’t look like they are trying to escape, hahaha! The color was also a great pick, it has alittle sheen to it in the light – very vibrant black!

    1. Don’t worry I took measurements for her this time to ensure the girls are accounted for in the future!

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