FO: Green Rain

Happy Friday! It’s only the second week in July and I’m about to cast off on my third finished object this month – I’m in a good mood. Knitting does that to me. I even treat myself, if I do x amount of GRE prep work I can sit for an hour and knit. I had to find a way to motivate myself. So what did I finish last week? Another Rain Outside shawl.
Rain outside 2
My Green Rain shawl is just for me and it’s pretty special to me.
Rain outside 2
The yarn I used is yarn I hand dyed about 2 years ago with my best friend Jessica. It’s a 70% baby apaca, 30% tussah silk yarn and I was able to dye it the most gorgeous shade of green. Ahhh…I love it. I was saving it for something special and I knew after I made my aunt’s shawl last month I was going to finally use this yarn on one for myself.
And the contrasting color yarn was a Madelinetosh color she shared on Instagram, a new color called Goblin Green that I thought would be a perfect pairing. It’s a really pale green base with interesting flecks running through it. Sometimes yarn is like artwork, picking the right ones can truly make your project spectacular.
Rain outside 2
I really do love the short race lace on this shawl. It’s just so interesting and yet so simple to execute. I’m sure I’ll make this again for someone else and half the fun will be picking which color combination will be the best one. And when I photographed this one I didn’t photograph myself wearing it…but I did photograph Cher wearing it.
Rain outside 2
Because whenever I’m photographing a knit, she has to be involved. Always.
Rain outside 2
I think my dog truly appreciates a hand knit and that’s a rare quality to find in an animal, don’t you think?

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      1. Haha! She totally does. Lovely, lovely scarf by the way. I got so carried away with loving the Cher pics that I forgot to mention that!

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