Stitching Status: Acid Rain

Despite being a little under the weather lately (I can’t tell if it’s allergies or a cold) I’ve been in a really good mood. Work is the same and nothing special has really happened but I’ve just been happy and I’m not complaining about that. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been working with one of my favorite yarns lately?
I could write a love letter to Madelinetosh and all of her amazing colorways. One of my favorites it ‘Clap Your Hands,’ this is it in DK weight and you may remember it from my Under the Graffiti Bridge cardigan. It’s like a beautiful rainbow that’s a little gritty and dirty. I love this color. I want to be a yarn dyer that’s as awesome as Madelinetosh is to me.
I’m working on another The Rain Outside shawl (view my first and second) as a gift for a friend and decided to use Clap Your Hands as the main color and a matte black of Berroco Weekend in DK weight. I’m loving the contrast.
The black is so strong against the white/rainbow and the lace panels are all black. I’m contemplating doing the last panel is a super bright pink but I think I may just leave it as is. I always fear I don’t have enough of the contrast color but it’s making it’s way to the end. I have to trust myself more and stop worrying. I’m so excited to get this one off my needles (should be finished over the weekend)…
If I could just get Cher to stop sitting on it. We shall see. Have a great weekend!

12 Replies to “Stitching Status: Acid Rain”

  1. Oooooh, I LOVE that Clap Your Hands!! Looooove it!!!

  2. It’s always exciting to see your color combinations, and this one is terrific! Just finished a Purl Soho jacket for my mom, so now it’s my turn for a little something springy. You’re giving me inspiration!

    1. I’m itching to start on some of my cotton projects next but I feel like I have a bunch of smaller things I should get out of the way first. I did order a bamboo/silk/wool blend that I hope I can whip up into a light cardigan for spring.

  3. Love the color contrast! And you can’t blame Cher for sitting on it-she knows a good thing when she sees it.

    1. I know, she’s always sitting on something. LOL Clearly she needs her own blanket.

  4. wow! a rainbow in every row of knitting . . . how awesome is that! No wonder you’re so happy 😉

  5. I don’t know if anyone is having the issue, but I can’t comment on WP blogs through its Reader, only if the blog is opened up in my browser. Anywho, Cher is just showing this WIP who’s the favorite and who’s boss. ;O)
    You would be such a great ambassador of color in a LYS. I love your first two shawls and you make them look so awesome in those yarn choices. Gonna add that pattern, one I wouldn’t normally add I guess and I tend not to be totally enthusiastic about shawl patterns, to my Faves on Rav. XO

    1. Yeah I had WordPress reader issues too last week. Hopefully they’re fixing it.
      Actually my dream job would be a color picker for Pantone. It’s the nerdy designer in me.

  6. Beautiful – looking forward to seeing this one done 🙂 MadTosh is my favorite dyer too – everyone in my immediate family has at least one hat from Vintage, special ones have more. btw, I’m thinking Cher needs a throne or a queen’s cape.

    1. I have a pile of Vintage that I’m still trying to find the perfect sweater to make with it. It’s too good to waste on a basic pattern!

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