FO: The Rain Outside Shawl

The Rain Outside shawl
In October, one of my aunts who lives in Memphis mentioned to me how much she liked the sweater I made my Auntie Helen for her 90th. My aunt is in her 80’s and very coyly said to me, “I don’t need a sweater but I do enjoy a good shawl to throw over my shoulders.” Oh I was so tickled so I knew I had to make her something special because she’s an absolutely special lady. Plus, if you’re over the age of 70 and you’re my family you’re allowed to make special requests. It took me months to find the right pattern but as soon as I saw the Rain Outside I knew I was going to make it for my aunt.
Blue Heron yarn in Chesapeake
The main yarn is Blue Heron in a metallic colorway called Chesapeake. I bought it last year when my husband took me to the Eastern Shore for my birthday. I thought it was pretty, it represented Maryland and it had 500 yards of dk weight and I figured I’d make something out of it. I wasn’t really sure what but when I saw the Rain Outside pattern and that it was in dk weight I immediately went to that skein of yarn. I also scanned my wall of yarn for another dk weight skein that would pair nicely and this Bernat Cotton-ish yarn was a deep charcoal and matte grey, which turned out to be a great contrast to the metallic.
The Rain Outside shawl
This pattern has cool lace short rows that we easy to follow and added such a lovely detail to the shawl. It’s a dk weight and the yarn is a rayon blend so it has this absolutely lovely drape to it and it looks so delicate.
The Rain Outside shawl
I had to include a close up of the lace panels. I want her to make more patterns incorporating this I love it so much.
The Rain Outside shawl
And then here’s the balance of the garter stitch side. Seriously this was a quick and easy shawl pattern. I already know I’m making it again for myself in green! The only thing I omitted was the edging because my yarn was so slippery and it just kept looking like it was clumping. So I bound off the normal way and called it a day – no need to fight with a project. My gauge is slightly smaller but this still draped over the shoulders nicely and for Memphis this will be a perfect little piece to wear all year.
The Rain Outside shawl
And I had to throw it on to show it off – excuse me for not having on a stitch of makeup. This was post dog walk on Saturday morning – this is me. LOL I definitely want to do more shawls to help use up some of my single skeins of yarn. I just saw this Ice Cream Shawl on my Instagram feed and I’m so in love! What other shawl patterns are your favorites? Please share!

35 Replies to “FO: The Rain Outside Shawl”

  1. Can’t wait to see the colorways you dream up for YOUR Ice Cream Shawl! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Ohhh, my goodness! I love this so much!! Those little lace windows are fabulous! And the yarn is perfect for the pattern. It’s so funny that you mentioned the make up. When I saw the picture, I thought – look how cute she is, and she’s not even wearing make-up! Lol!!

    1. I used to be a beauty blogger but I also love a makeup free day – who is putting on makeup to walk the dog?

    1. Thanks! I am typically not a makeup free photograph girl (I’m southern) but sometimes you just have to go without it and just take the pic anyway.

  3. This is just beautiful!! It’s been awhile since I’ve made a shawl, and I’m itching to cast on for one! Right now, I have my eyes on Rainy Night Shawl and Lex!

    1. Thank you! Oh I really like Lex! I’m not a big fan of fingering weight but it’s on size 8’s and that intrigues me. Adding it to my favorites.

  4. Just lovely! And the name of the shawl pleases me, too. (You look great without makeup.)

    1. Ok, whenever I see suggestions I rethink my dislike of fingering weight. Both of these are gorgeous choices!

    2. Same here! I’m knitting another Lisa Hannes shawl caleld Walk in the Woods… But am seriously stalking that Japanese Garden shawl…

  5. The shawl is gorgeous, and I’m loving that Chesapeake colourway. I have the Freshwater Shawl in my Ravelry library; not sure when I’ll get to it, but it’s there.
    As for make-up, I used to be self-conscious about being photographed without make-up on, but then I decided “Hey, this is also what I look like.” You look beautiful.

    1. I have definitely loved seeing all the shawl patterns everyone suggests. They’re all so different and unique and cool! And who knew my makeup free face would spark so much conversation?

    1. I’ve seen the Book of Haps all over Instagram – there are some really gorgeous patterns in that one!

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