What to Knit Next?

I love to organize and clean – it’s calming. So last weekend when I was stepping away from the TV and social media I bought new storage drawers from my happy place, the  Container Store and reorganized my yarn. I needed sturdy bins that wouldn’t break or a wheel pop off whenever I was pulling a drawer out to find my yarn. Plus, I needed to actually look at what I have and start my planning. I don’t have any need to buy more yarn (although Fibre Space is having an anniversary sale this weekend and Neighborhood Fiber Co. next weekend…I’m constantly being tempted) so as I was going through my stash I started to really think about what I want to knit and wear for the fall and what I want to make for close family/friends. I know I talked about a complex cable sweater made with my favorite shade of green but I think I’m going to take that gorgeous green yarn and make the Fable cardigan with it.

Fable Cardigan image via Ravelry
Fable Cardigan image via Ravelry

What I really want is a shawl collared cardigan in a color I love that I can wear all the time. And I mean wear it all the time. I fear I might get sick of cables and other patterns so I’m thinking of keeping it simple to make it more of a timeless piece. Plus I’ve got these amazing green buttons that look like gems that will be an awesome highlight to add.

Libellula cardigan image via Ravelry
Libellula cardigan image via Ravelry

I also have a lot of yarn where I have one or two skeins in a contrasting color. I think the Libellula would be perfect for it. It’s from the same designer who made the Cala Luna sweater I love and I have some great Miss Babs (the suggested yarn) in a bright green and then fun variegated skein that would be great for the contrasting panel. I have the Deep Water cardigan pattern in my library too, which is a similar shape so you may see another cardigan done with this same shape but in worsted weight.
Sheep and Wool haul
I honestly have so much yarn that I don’t need anything else but I’m always so tempted when I see something beautiful to add it to my stash. It’s just too fun exploring the possibilities of what I can make.

What’s in your queue to make for yourself for fall?

4 Replies to “What to Knit Next?”

  1. Wow!!! I’ll say it again . . . so many things to knit and sssoooo little time! 😉

  2. You’ve inspired me with your organizational skills…. After being given a friend’s leftovers, I have bags of yarn all over the living room. Not exactly HGTV material. I think sorting, organization, and storage will be my next project. And maybe along the way I’ll tag some of the stash for fall projects.

    Love the combination of colors you’ve chosen for Libellula. The original is a bit too stark of a contrast for me. I think you’re right, too, about the wearability of simple classics over super cables. I’ve found that cables tend to act like ribbing, too, and cling more tightly than simpler patterns. When I use them nowadays, I tend to make one or two cables as a design feature rather than part of an all-over pattern.

    1. I’m glad to help inspire 🙂 I had yarn all over my living room floor – I needed the big wide open space to see it all to really organize myself.
      And you’re right on about how I feel about cables. I just worry I’ll be over them and not love the simple cardigan.

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