I had a really, really great birthday weekend. My husband took me (and the dog) to the Eastern Shore and we stayed the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay. The hotel was super dog friendly and had a million and one things to do. Of course the majority of our weekend consisted of room service, naps and some knitting but that was exactly what I needed. He also booked me a massage for Saturday afternoon and it was the best massage I have had in a long, long time.
I also got a chance to make some progress on my rainbow Madigan! I am only a few rows away from separating the body for the sleeves, so I’m super excited about the progress. I might have gotten more done last night but I realized I was tired and was making mistakes so I fixed the row and decided to put my needles down for the night. I keep going back and forth about the order of the blues for my rainbow and I’ve got another skein of purple as the last color. In hindsight I should have picked up a lighter green to make the colors blend better but I will still be happy with my end results.
Birthday yarn
My sisters also gave me some yarn and a project bag from the local yarn shop around the corner from their neighborhood. It’s always fun to see what other people pick for you. One sister said, “I picked this color because I thought you’d like it,” and the other sister said, “And I picked this color because I would like for you to knit me something with this.” LOL I guess you can make those kinds of demands when they’re your siblings.

But now it’s Monday and I’m back to business. Work, teaching and catching up on life. I’m just thankful to have such great family and friends who think of me and want to spend time with me for my birthday. How was your weekend?

10 Replies to “Thankful”

    1. HAHAHAHA isn’t that the truth? It was such a great stay, we will definitely be going back. Especially since they were so dog friendly!

      1. Oh you are too kind! I’m always learning and trying to do more and more with my knitting. I’d like to learn to crochet too but that one hook thing is so confusing to me!

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