June’s FO’s Roundup

I do not know how it is already July! I feel like summer is slipping by me and I’m still plugging away at my summer knits. Clearly I need to start earlier. On a positive note, July 1 is Cher’s birthday! My sweet girl is 12 today so we’re going to have lots of peanut butter and belly rubs today. Now back to knitting…here’s a roundup of what I finished in the month of June.
June knitting

Fewer knits this month for myself but still some pretty awesome projects. I’m slowly plugging away at the 13 inches of stockinette stitch for the body of my Lipstick cardigan right now and perhaps since I’m taking an extra long weekend I might get it finished to wear next week! I’m loving the bright red and think it will be great to throw on with all my black and white (for as much as I love color, I love a graphic black and white). I’m also working on a green cotton blend yarn in a design of my own making. Circular yoke, perhaps with a little swing to the body – we shall see what it becomes. And I’m hoping to knit a stuffed animal or two in July and perhaps another pair of socks!

What have you finished up this month? And what’s in your queue? 

Also – I most likely won’t be posting on Monday with the holiday and just enjoying my long weekend, so I hope you have a wonderful July 4th as well!

13 Replies to “June’s FO’s Roundup”

  1. Happy Birthday, Cher!!!! ❤

    What a wonderful round up of FOs! I can't wait to hear more about your new design. Happy 4th!!

  2. You always find such great patterns! I love watching for your latest projects — and I’m intrigued by the Lipstick cardigan, and look forward to seeing it when you get your 13 inches done. 🙂 Many happy returns to Cher, who has landed in heaven on earth, I can tell.

    1. I finished the lipstick cardigan this morning so hopefully I’ll be posting about it this week!

  3. I didn’t finish anything but I have managed to do quite a bit of work on my husband’s aran jumper so pretty pleased about that! Your finished works look great! 🙂

  4. Wow, you finished a lot! I completed a knitted accessory bag for Ruth, my spinning wheel. I also completed a few sewing projects; sleep mask and a knitting project bag. The knitting bag was made from handwoven cloth that I created a little over two years ago.

    1. That’s awesome! I’ve stayed away from learning about spinning – I do not need another yarn addiction.

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