Stitching Status: Friday Updates

Why is Friday such a wonderful day? I’ve got a hectic weekend of BBQ’s, birthday parties, basement renovations and baby boys (that’s a lot of B’s) but I’m looking forward to all of it. Hopefully I can sneak in a little knitting time. Also, can I say that I loved all the shawl patterns everyone suggested in the comments about the Rain Outside shawl and I was totally overwhelmed by all the sweet comments about my picture without makeup. I’m totally okay with or without makeup, I just try to present myself in my best light when putting pics of myself out on the internet but it was sweet to read all comments. Thanks, ladies! Now on to knitting updates…
The Rain Outside shawl
I talked to my Mom last night and she said my aunt absolutely LOVED the Rain Outside shawl. YAY! She did not take any pictures of her in it but she’ll be in Memphis for a few weeks and said she’ll try to take a pic when she sees her again – it was a short visit just to bring her the shawl.
Lipstick Cardigan
I finished my godson’s orange socks in time to give them to him at his party on Saturday. I love them so and will do a full post on them next week but of course I’ve already started a new project. I’ve been wanting a short sleeved red cardigan for summer and started the Lipstick Cardigan yesterday and it’s a pretty quick knit. I am also proud of myself because I had to do a provisional cast-on and I used this method, which requires a crochet hook. Lately I’ve been getting the hang of holding that one crochet hook so perhaps crochet lessons are in my future? I’ve been super proud of myself for finally picking up stitches correctly with a crochet hook – it’s only taken me 5 years for it to click in my brain. Better late than never!
Pimpin' ain't easy
And lastly, I’m sharing a pic of Cher in her glittery cowboy hat because it makes me smile whenever I look at it. She’s the screensaver on my phone and on my work computer. That always stoic face paired with such a silly hat is just the best combo. And clearly she loves me because she lets me put hats on her, photograph her and patiently waits for me to be done and give her a carrot as her reward.

Happy Friday!!

7 Replies to “Stitching Status: Friday Updates”

  1. I just love it when you post pictures of Cher. That little face just kills me!! Precious girl! ❤

  2. I’m not in to fibers at the moment. Can change at any moment. Have you ever tried freeform knitting or crocheting. It is a great way of using up all of you odds and ends. Check it out I think you might like it.

  3. I think this shawl has to be one of my fave projects you’ve made. I love the colours you used – they just work so well together!

    Do I see a crochet blanket in your near future? 😀 😉

    1. I think everyone loved this project. My mom told me it’s like a wearable work of art 😁

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