Patterns on My Radar

I have tons of yarn in my stash, I’m currently working on a sweater and a custom design tee in a cotton blend. I’ve got lots of ideas of what I want to make with my stash but I’m also falling in love with new patterns every day. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites right now.

Brooklin Vest
Brooklin Vests – image via Ravelry

I saw the Brooklin Vest on Berroco’s Instagram feed the other day and fell in love. It’s an open front vest with a basketweave back design. It’s also knit in one seamless piece – such a perfect fall layering piece. Added bonus – I have the Berroco Vintage Chunky in my stash the pattern was made with. YAY! Totally making this for myself in the future.
Ice ream Shawl via Ravelry
The Ice Cream shawl is another favorite I keep going back to because I keep seeing such awesome color combinations. After knitting the Rain Outside shawl I’m all about stash busting with shawls, so you may see more and more shawls on my needles in the next few months.

Interlude Shawl via Ravelry
Interlude Shawl via Ravelry

And speaking of shawls, Interlude Shawl is definitely also on my must list. Will I just look silly if I drape myself in shawls every day this fall when the temps drop? Perhaps. Will I care? Nope, not at all.

Equation Cardigan via Ravelry

And because I’m cardigan/sweater obsessed you know I have a million cardigans on my must-make list. I’m a little obsessed with Equation and the chevron on the side and the pocket detail. Aarrgh! So many patterns and so little time to knit everything I want.

Share a pattern you’re obsessed with too! It will clearly make my list even longer.

2 Replies to “Patterns on My Radar”

  1. can’t wait to see what you’ll do with YOUR Ice Cream Social color combos!!!

  2. No, you won’t look silly. Shawls are great and so versatile as a scarf or around shoulders in an AC office.

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